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About rocket_man






United States


When I'm not writing erotica I like to

think about writing erotica LOL!

When I'm not reading erotica I like to read

Stephen King books

My favorite word for "penis" is

rock-hard, erect, cum-filled cock

My favorite word for "vagina" is

wet, dripping, cum-filled pussy

I write erotica because

I love to write and I love sex-put them together and what do you have? Believe it or not, I was once published in Penthouse Forum (true, I swear).

In conclusion, I am

A middle-aged, mostly horny, often satisfied, emotionally and financially secure dreamer with a voracious appetite for sexual fantasies, mostly involving various and sundry fetish situations, including wifesluts, gangbangs, and interracial copulation.


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