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School for Scandal | TehSquirreleh | 14


Not totally oblivious to the vision of Vino’s bloated cockhead peeking from the hem of his tight shorts, Miss Hart closed the distance between the two teachers and set a hand to his chest while the other closed over the meaty tip and started stroking along the exposed length as she lifted herself up to kiss his lips. Accustomed to this sort of behavior by now, Vino returned the busty, beautiful blonde’s kiss and started his tongue into her mouth with his hands finding her hips and then sliding around to cup the bubbly exterior of Laura’s ass and give her bottom a good squeeze.

With a moan of delight, she greedily took his probing tongue in and ran her tongue along the length of his while massaging the muscle and his cock at the same time. They remained entwined like that for minutes before both broke the kiss and each other looked the other one in the eye with a sultry, hooded stare. Taking her hand, regrettably, from the enticing girth of Vino’s member, she took his hand and led him over to the small table that was set up alongside coolers full of water and sports drinks for the students when they returned from their run.

Stripping off the tight, white sports bra that held her amazing breasts in, Miss Hart flung the tiny garment aside and knelt to dig her fingers into the hem of Vino’s tiny sport shorts to peel the clothing off and tug them down to release the beast raging inside. Rearing upwards, his massive cock swung up, already beginning to weep pre from the tip in thick dollops. Miss Hart took a long moment to watch the throbbing shaft, tracing the many veins that ridged the surface with her eyes before taking the time to lick a line from base to tip with her tongue, gathering up his pre with a lap, and swallowing it.

Standing up, she gave a naughty grin, tugging her shorts down to expose a neatly shaved cunt wet with anticipation and desire for the bucking piece of meat between his thighs. Jumping up, she lent back to sit on the table’s edge and lay back to spread her legs wide and crook a finger at Vino, all the while keeping that same grin on her lips. “I’d say the students won’t be back for a good time, Vino. Why don’t we spend some of that getting to know each other a little better, hmm?”

“I’d say that’s a wonderful idea, Laura.” Vino stepped up between her spread legs and lined himself up to start spearing the blunt tip of his cock to her nether lips and ease him in to a long, low moan from Laura. Leaning forward, he placed both hands at her wide hips to gain some leverage and began to press his hips forward while dragging her down onto him. The slow motion continued until the entire length of his girthy member was buried inside to woman who was now squirming with absolute delight and pleasure, eyes closed tight as she savored the feeling of being stretched wide and impaled deep.

When their hips connected, he bent down to kiss each of her nipples, sucking the small nubs to hardness before he began withdrawing from the tight, wet grip of Miss Hart’s pussy. Arching his back, he groaned aloud and licked his lips, stopping with only the head remaining buried inside the teacher. Looking to her smiling face and catching her eyes with his, he flashed back a brilliant grin and spread his legs out more immediately sliding himself back in to the hilt to a squeal from the blonde on her back.


Are they able to finish uninterupted?



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