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School for Scandal | TehSquirreleh | 12


Vino looked down at his swelling cock and didn’t get the chance to hear the rest of Nurse Pennyweather’s words of warning as the sudden rush of blood tuned his hearing out. He swung himself off the bed and grabbed her by the hips, roughly turning her around as he went and bent her over the padded bench. In one swift movement, he tore the suit from her body, dragged it over her legs and left the nurse in nothing save for a pair of high heeled stilettos that perched her ass up high.

Sliding his hands back, he spread her back cheeks wide open to reveal the tight, puckered star that marked the entrance to her ass and immediately moved his cockhead into position. Still slick with Pennyweather’s juices, he pushed and forced the meaty head against her as she groaned aloud with the sensation. Vino’s hips kept pushing and eventually the resistance passed and allowed him to penetrate inwards by a scant few inches to which the busty nurse screamed out a guttural “Oh fuck!”

Her fingernails dug into the pad and she arched her back, tilting her head to let her hair brush down across her now naked back. Grunting with effort, he kept pushing and pushing, feeding her dilating ass inch after inch of the long, hard, and thick pillar of flesh that stood so proudly from his groin and throbbed with need. Not to make her wait much longer to have the need fulfilled, his hips began to draw back, only leaving the head inside until he brought his hips in to slam back into the tight, gripping hole.

Nurse Pennyweather seethed and jerked forward, sending her hair flying over her shoulders to hang around her head like a curtain. Starting up a rough, hard rhythm, it was clear the pills were having their desired effect on the hulking brute as he brought his hips back and slammed them forward once more, slapping his bloated balls against her neatly trimmed cunt below, the copious juices smeared around the heavy orbs as they swung with his every move. With each full penetration, Pennyweather moaned, her full lips pursed into a perfect “O” as she was fucked from behind.

Building up his speed yet more, Vino flexed his powerful thighs and pushed until he was hilted all the way. With a short grunt, he tipped his head back and then let out a low moan, feeling that familiar build up start to churn in his groin. “Ungh! I’m cumming, Pennyweather,” he shouted out the short warning to a delighted squeal from the nurse and she flexed to squirm away from him. Both of them disengaged and Vino lent back, jerking himself rapidly while the nurse ran and got a beaker, getting on her knees before him and adding her own hand to massage those heavy balls as they started to rise.

“Go ahead, Mister Krown. Shoot it all, give me a nice big load like you did before,” she said, licking her full lips.

“Uhn, here it comes!…comes,” Vino shouted out as his back arched and he let out a low and primal moan of utter pleasure as his big balls tightened up to let loose his spray. A racing heat burned its way all the way to the bucking head as the pills he swallowed earlier had increased the production of seed two fold, the first ribbon of white jetting out to splash inside the beaker’s bottom and jump halfway up the glass before setting back down to be joined by a second and third.

It was hard to keep count afterwards just how many sprays his massive cock gave up his seed, the entire orgasm lasting minutes and flooding his mind with pleasure so sweet it rivaled the vision of Nurse Pennyweather, naked, on her knees and with her mouth open and gaping at the beaker as the fluid filled it quickly. After a time, the flow began to slow and the spitting cock finally bubbled out the last of his seed as he flicked it into the beaker to be swallowed up by the rest.

The busty nurse turned the glass so that she could read the numbers, “G-Good God, Mister Krown! You’ve just came about a quart of semen! That’s…amazing.”
And without missing a beat, she tipped the beaker up and started gulping down the warm cum, not stopping until half was gone and streaked the glass where the still sizeable load lay. Kissing the deflating tip, she then got back to her feet and allowed him to pull his pants back up, producing a mammoth bulge at the front, but no longer peeking out from the tight lycra.

Stowing the glass away in the room’s small fridge already containing other such samples labeled with various names, his was put at the very front and then Pennyweather came back, rising up on her tiptoes to lay a wet kiss to Vino’s mouth which he returned happily, sliding his tongue out to meet her own and tangle playfully together.

After a few minutes, they released each other and she took a step back to open the door and stand by the frame, flashing a seductive smile his way. “Anytime you feel like you’re getting’ a lil’ bit full down there, hun, come on by and we’ll find someplace to put all that yummy cum.”

With a chuckle, Vino flashed a wink and started out the door, laying a firm smack to the nurse’s bubble butt and giving it a healthy squeeze. “I’d be more than happy to Nurse Pennyweather. And he stepped out into the hallway to find a grinning Miss Taylor looking first to his shorts and then inside to the nurse.

“I’m so glad our staff can accommodate you, Mister Krown.”


"So am I, Miss Taylor. What's next on the schedule for me?"

          Fresh air for Vino


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