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School for Scandal | TehSquirreleh | 10


“Unfortunately, Mister Krown, I’m afraid that it’s time for your physical,” Miss Taylor grinned wickedly as she palmed over the huge head, sliding her fingertips underneath to cup and cradle the bucking, beating meat as Vino let out a long, low groan. Pre-cum began to leak from the head and covered her index finger in the wet, sticky mess.

With a wink, she lifted the finger to her lips and sucked it clean before turning from the office and stepping back out into the locker room; sure that Vino would be following along in her wake. Crossing the distance to the nurse’s office was one of the most excruciating experiences Vino had ever taken, with Miss Taylor’s perfect ass jiggling right in front of him and the occasional peak of her smooth shaven cunt lips from behind kept his cock hard the entire way and made him walk with a noticeable limp as the monster below the belt raged with need.

“I’m sorry to tease you so, Vino, but you really are in perfect form for our nurse to take all of the proper measurements from you. You do understand, don’t you,” Miss Taylor asked, but it sounded more like a statement.

“O-of course, Miss Taylor, I understand,” Vino winced as he got a particularly juicy view of her bottom as she teasingly bent over to grab a stray piece of paper and put it into the nearest receptacle, “I’ll be more than happy to give her everything she needs.”

“Mmhm, I bet you will,” she turned to flash him a broad grin and wink, stopping at a door marked with a red cross and proclaimed “Nurse” in thick black lettering. She opened the door and stepped inside, allowing Vino to press in behind her before she closed the door and patted the raised and padded chair. “Go on and remove your shorts and get up in this chair then, Nurse Pennyweather will be along shortly. I’ll leave you two to get acquainted and then I’ll escort you down to the staffroom and introduce you around to the rest of our people. They’re already dying to meet you from Kendra’s rather praised performance of yourself from the other night.”

Miss Taylor grinned again and left, leaving Vino to undress and look around the room while his erection swung ponderously from every little move he made and stood up, rock hard as his thoughts drifted back to Miss Taylor and the offer to plug her ass. He didn’t have long to wait, as no more than a few minutes later the nurse stepped in and went to work on her desk, apparently not even noticing a half naked man with a raging erection sitting up on her examination chair.

She bent over and started working on a clipboard, making the occasional remark out loud and scribbling down notes while Vino checked out the woman. Amazingly curvy, Nurse Pennyweather looked like a cartoon nurse brought to life. Long legged, wide hipped, with a trim waist, and big breasts encased in a zip-up suit that clung to her like a second skin. There was little he could do, but let out a low whistle and lean back in his seat to enjoy the show.

Startled by the sound, Pennyweather jumped and spun around quickly, her jaw dropping as she took in Vino’s body and then his cock as it still stayed hard. “Uhm! Uh! Wow,” was all the she could manage out at first, biting her lower lip and sucking on it, “Y-You must be Mister Krown! Pleasure to meet you, I’ve head a lot about you and I can honestly say that none of it is exaggerated in the least bit.”

Vino chuckled and gave the nurse a charmed smile. “Nice to meet you too, Miss Pennyweather. Miss Taylor said that you’ve got a physical for me to take?”

“Ah! Yes, yes. Let me just...” she trailed off, groping behind her for some bit of paper and not looking pleased when she had to take her eyes away from his powerhouse body for one second. Clutching the elusive paper in one hand, she stuck it on her clipboard and started taking notes.

“Ah, mm, how tall are you?”

“Six foot, nine inches”


“About two hundred twenty give or take ten.”

“Mmhm and do you have all the numbers for, uhm, that,” motioning to the meaty pillar as it still bucked and strained in the air.

“Well, not really. I’ve neve-”

“Not a problem,” Miss Pennyweather interjected and withdrew a ruler from her desk, coming closer and kneeling down to come face to face with his cock. Planting the ruler firmly at the base, she held him tightly against the side and trailed her eyes up the numbers until she hit twelve inches and with still many more to go. “Huh,” she smiled and marked the end of the ruler with a fingertip, then started measuring again.

“Let’s see,” she licked her lips as the true measurements started to take shape, “sixteen inches in length and...” trailing off, she turned the ruler sideways. “Wow. Three wide.” At that Nurse Pennyweather sat back on her calves and just stared at the trunk of flesh as if totally transfixed by its proportions. Then she cradled a hand beneath his sack while the other started to automatically stroke over his length, applying pressure to roll a small fold of skin over the broad head and then tug it back to watch the end dilate and leak out yet more pre-cum.

Vino groaned with the attention and heard a clatter as the ruler was flung off to the side of the room and the busty nurse went straight for his cock, lapping up along the broad underside to trace her tongue along the head and lick up the salty mix. Following that, her mouth sealed her lips over the tip and she tried to fit as much as she could in, jerking what she could not and massaging the big orbs that hung below those mammoth proportions that were bucking and beating in an ever quickening pace.

His fingertips dug into the cushioned material with his legs spread out to hang off the edges and soon he felt his climax come to boil. Nurse Pennyweather’s talent mixed with Miss Taylor’s teasing had left him eager to release and soon she’d feel the first drops of his hot cum as it started to leak out and then spray in lengthy ropes, quickly filling up the nurse’s mouth and making her pull off to swallow and receive a fresh blast across the face and over her chin.

“Uungh,” Vino let out, raising his hips as if mid-thrust, reveling in the blissful sensation of release and giving Pennyweather a thorough facial with his cream, the flow not stopping until her face was coated in white streaks the went through her hair and dripped onto her tight uniform, flowing down over the mountains the stretched her front tight. Afterwards, panting, he leaned back down and lied against the back wall of the nurse’s office; a softening member still held within the beautiful woman’s jerking hand.



          Fucking Nurse Pennyweather


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