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Create a Wrestler | Carrothead | 19


Casey walks to the locker room with her new prey. During the walk, you woke up from the "sleep" you've had and tried to get free.

"Nononononoo... luv toy, you're not gonna escape now, The loser would be the winner's sex slave so accept it and let me be the boss" And Casey holds you with brute force, escaping was impossible.

Casey stripped out of her clothes and told you to take the soap and sponge and soak her in. You stepped into the shower, after her and began soaking her feet in, slowly and slowly massaging her almighty body and skin. Casey closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment. You began kissing her feet and ankles, up towards her knees and upper legs. And just when you were willing to wash her pelvic region, Casey pushed the sponge away and said that it was painful to wash a lady there.

You continued to wash Casey's backside. Her butt was soaked in good and roughly, her buttocks were dancing of the rough contact with the sponge and shining in the soap. You pinched and rubbed her ass a little bit. Casey started to moan a bit louder.
You continued to go on, washing the backside of the mighty thighs and hips, before continuing with her washboard stomach and abs, before going towards her breasts. You washed them good and rubbed and pinched them a little.

The shower turned off and Casey ordered to lay flat on your back in the bath. After that, she straddled your head and took a seat on your face. "Eat me" was all she said, before bucking and rolling her hips over your nose, she moaned and moaned loudly. Before you opened your mouth and began using your tongue to pleasure her mighty body. "Ahhh that's it good slave good pet eat your mistress mighty pussy lick it use your dirty tongue yeaaahhh like that ahhh" And then Casey came and forced you to lick her pussy clean.

Casey took you home and ordered you to strip and lay your hands against the wall, and bend over. When you did so, Casey climbed on top of your back and ordered you to do the donkey calf raises (training calve muscles by only using the legs horizontally), to work out and become stronger, being able to win a few matches in the future. You did so and the intense contact of your back against her pussy made her moan and moan bucking and rolling her hips against your back. Your back was soon drenched in vaginal juices and it didn't take long before she came, and so this exercise continued for a half an hour.

After resting, Casey forced you down and asked give her 50. You did so and it was easily, so Casey straddled your back and you were ordered to do another 50 (push-ups). It was heavy and hard and Casey enjoyed it against. The intense contact of her pussy and clit with your back made her cum quickly. But also this exercise continued for another half an hour.

And then, Casey stood on the bank and climbed on your shoulder, and ordered you to do some squats. And again, the rolling and bucking contact of her pussy against your neck made it drenched and wet. Casey moaned and moaned by the intense contact, wiht eyes cloased and yoúr pecker starts to swell as well. After 30 minutes the action was stopped and it was time for some other way of pleasure.

But the night was just started. How will the action continue? Have a fuck? sextoys? other ways of pleasure?


How will the action continue

          rides you


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