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School for Scandal | TehSquirreleh | 8


He couldn’t believe it. The first day of classes and he’d already cum three times in the first hour of arrival! Not only that, but with two of the hottest women that he’d already seen and one of them couldn’t have been even half his own age. Kendra certainly wasn’t lying when she’d said that this school was something special and a whole new experience all in itself. However, he could not dwell on those things long, being as late as he already was.

Stepping into the gymnasium, Vino was relieved to find at least some normalcy in the surroundings. Familiar sights abounded as gym mats lay piled up in corners along with carts of various balls and two sets of stacked away bleachers that could be pulled out to seat hundreds of students or fans if the school had any team sports. “Probably competition wet T-shirt contests and ultimate fuckoffs from what I’ve seen already,” he mused to himself and smiled slightly. Relieved to not see a class already there and waiting for him to awkwardly hustle in, Vino trotted himself to the locker rooms and peaked inside to see if his class was waiting for him in there.

Of course he was thoroughly surprised to not even hear laughing or joking that was common in a school’s locker room, especially if he was to be teaching a boy’s class. No time to wonder though as he found the office door ajar and a light on inside, he rushed in and closed the door behind him only to be even more surprised by a woman already seated across from the desk inside.

“Good God, what a woman,” he again mused as he took in the sight. Long, light legs that were toned and shapely clad in a second skin of black PVC leggings that ran up her thighs and ended in six inch stilettos. Crossed over each other, they offered a tempting a sultry sight concealing what must have been the tiniest micro-throng in existence, the only parts visible were the black strings that came up from the curve of her pelvis and cut into wide hips, perched up on an ass that looked like it had been made to be the epitome of all backsides.

A thin waist accentuated her womanly figure and flat stomach that sported visible abs and only added to the picture of fine femininity of this woman. And as his eyes, trailed up, they hooked and stopped completely at her chest. Unable to help himself, he stared and stared at what must have been a heaping helping of breast flesh shaped like a pair of watermelons and looking the part with the green top, again PVC, striped with black and stretched so tight he could make out her nipples through the material. Her arms were bare and free, cradling a clipboard that Vino could read his name up at the top and an attached picture off to the side, and there was something so familiar about it too.

He pulled himself together and out of the trance that was induced by looking at the woman and blinked his eyes to clear them and move them up to see a matronly face, kind and happy with the smile curving her full lips upwards, although he could imagine a completely different picture were she not. High cheekbones, curved eyebrows, and a set of smoldering eyes that burned deep into his soul and got the blood once more flowing to his crotch set this woman as perfection as well as her blond hair that was pulled back into a severe braid.

In silence, they looked over each other and Vino could see her eyes flick to the picture of him and then to the rest of his body as he stood there, back pressed against the door and completely dumbfounded. “Ah, hello Mister Krown, I’m glad that you could make it and only a little bit late,” her lips curled into even more of a smile and he could hear a faint and musical laugh singing through the words she spoke. “My name is Miss Taylor and I’m the headmistress at the academy, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Kendra spoke wonders of you and I can see her words only served to paint me a small picture of how you are in person. My, my, my…,” again a small laugh and her eyes pointedly made it to his groin which twitched and grew down the leg of his trousers under her scrutiny.

“H-hello Miss Taylor, V-Vino Krown, reporting for duty.”

“I think that was already cleared up, at the beginning, no? I just wanted to come by and see how your first day was going so far, although did you get lost on your way? I’m so sorry; we should have provided you with a map to get you better accustomed to the school. It is quite large.”

The innuendo was thick in her words and she could not help another glance downward.

“Uh, uhm…yes, I did get lost, but someone was kind enough to show me the way,” Vino stammered out and made his way to the other chair, sitting down heavily and taking a look around the sparse walls and checking the locker situated behind him. Inside, hung up, he saw some clothes and picked them out to lie on his desk. Essentially pair of black lycra shorts and half a lycra tank-top were on the hanger and nothing more. Miss Taylor grinned and reached forward to tap at the clothes with a manicured fingernail.

“Your uniform for teaching. Everything’s accounted for and you should find things comfortably snug, but not too tight. Kendra’s a gifted girl, able to tell many people’s sizes from just a glance.”
“Huh..,” was all that Vino could offer and picked up the top to examine it further, tracing a pair of stylized and gracefully curving yellow lines that added some sense of style to the little piece clothing. Unbuttoning his shirt, he shrugged the pressed, reasonably clean and dressy piece off to hang it up and pull the “top” on. If anything, “snug” was the most appropriate and fitting word. Covering over his pectorals and little more, the bare muscles of his middle and his bulging arms were free to move.

“Looks good on you,” she offered and he could see a pass of her tongue over the sensuous lips that kept their grin, showing off pearly white teeth, “and the bottom too, if you will, there’s also some sneakers in there in case you didn’t bring any.”

Shrugging his broad shoulders, Vino stood and stepped out of his dress shoes then reached up to unbutton his pants and drag them down, somehow glad that his boxer briefs still managed to hold the monster that was his cock inside. Although there was no mistaking that huge bulge in the front for anything else. Trying to pull on the shorts, he saw he couldn’t quite get them on without his briefs showing and with that he turned a questioning eyebrow to Miss Taylor. “Eye for measurements, huh?”

Without hesitation, she replied, “They’re meant to be worn without underwear, Mister Krown. Don’t be shy now, I’ve seen a lot in my time,” and she lent back as if to watch a show.


Cue raunchy strip music?

          That’s hardly necessary


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