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School for Scandal | TehSquirreleh | 6


Grabbing hold of his spit slicked cock, Vino stroked over it a few times to keep the blood flowing to the immense pillar of flesh that stood so proudly from his groin and knelt down between Amy’s spread legs. Not even caring to take his pants off the rest of the way, he let the fat head brush against her gushing nether lips and presses against the little nub of her clit that peeked from its hood, eliciting a delighted squeal from the fetish dressed secretary.

Spanking the hard head against it a few times only served to give her more pleasure before he finally pressed down and eased himself into the tight grip of her cunt, pushing to force every possible inch of throbbing hot flesh in to be soaked with Amy’s juices. She could only tilt her head back and let out a low moan, being filled to the brim by girthy length and taking it all until her lips pressed to the front of his trousers and left a stain against the khaki color.

Not needing to take his time, nor having the luxury to, Vino lifted up her left leg and hooked his arm under her knee while the other came up to take her by the right shoulder and move her body in as he bottomed out and then drew back to slam full strength back in, quickly pounding himself to a hard and harsh rhythm to the pleasured moans of Amy. Using her body like his own personal toy, he grinned and then threw his head back to let out a groan and keep pumping himself to pound yet faster into the vice like hold of Amy’s satin soft walls.

Free to use her hands, one played with the bouncing breasts that rocked and slapped into each other with every maddening thrust burying Vino to the hilt and pressing against Amy’s cervix. Her other hand reached down to rub and circle her fingertips over the hood of her clit, stroking herself off while being pounded and pumped full of prime, grade A, stud meat. Taking a hasty glance to the clock that was mounted above her desk, Amy gasped and moaned, turning back to look Vino in the eyes.

“Huh..huh…fuck me, stud, fuck that pussy! You’ve got five minutes left until class star-aaARTS OH FUCK YES!!” She screamed between breaths and arched her back up to stretch the black mini to its limits.

Hearing this, Vino gave a few last slams into the blonde’s smooth cunt and pulled himself free to sandwich between her pillow soft mountains and grabbed hold of each breast’s side to hold them in place as he rapidly sawed his hips back and forth. Watching the peeking head as it leaks his pre-cum, Amy leant down to lick and suckle briefly each time he pushed forward and ad even more stimulation to the ready to climax member.

Again throwing his head back, Vino gives a lusty moan and suddenly pauses, arching his back and rumbling out a quick warning. “Ahh fuck, here it comes, coming!!”

True to his words, it’s not even a second before hot white starts spewing out from between the mashed together tits and splattering over chin, cheeks, and streaking through hair as he erupts a second time. Trying to hold the bucking shaft in her cleavage, he’s powerless to put any direction behind the blasts and lets gravity take care of the placement. All in all, only a precious few streaks are landed into Amy’s mouth, but she’s not one to complain and lovingly takes to cleaning the still leaking head until every last drop is sucked out, after which she stuffs his flagging member back into Vino’s pants and zips it back up.

The beautiful, cum streaked blonde leant forward to press a kiss and lick away the juices left behind on his pants before getting up with Vino’s assistance and flashed him a wink. “Have a nice day, Mister Krown, and if you need anything…anything at all, don’t hesitate to come on by and ask me. I’ll be happy to take care of you.”

He laughed lightly, and Vino smiled before he gave a little wave and trotted off to find the gymnasium just as the school’s bells tolled the beginning of classes.


Does he make it without incident?

          He gets himself lost


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