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School for Scandal | TehSquirreleh | 4


Vino hopped into the shower and let himself enjoy a nice, long, hot soak to ease away the worked muscles from last night before getting himself dressed in something casual and heading over to the academy for his first day of “teaching”. Letting himself in and enjoying the sight of PVC clad women strutting about before his attention was called to by the receptionist.
A lovely little blond in something that could resemble a black mini that stretched tightly over ample breasts and wonderous hips. Just a little bit of sun shone through on her skin and her red painted lips flashed him a smile that immesdiatly sent blood flowing a little bit faster through his well worked body. Heading over, he made sure to add a little bit to his step and emphasize the swell along his inner thigh before bending over her desk and giving a bright grin.

“Hello there, my name is Vino Krown, I’m here for-”

Big blue eyes suddenly went wide and she gasped in a breath, reaching out to take his hand and pump it vigorously for a handshake>

“Of course! You must be Mister Krown, Miss Hart’s expecting you in the gymnasium locker rooms. Just head down that way and take the first left!”

As she gave him a warm welcome her eyes flashed across his body and he caught a hint of tongue passing over those plump lips as she leant in closer and lowered her voice to a whisper.

“You’re a bit early though, perhaps I could give you a little..tour?”

Pulling away with a grin, she directed his attention down to look at her bare thighs and trace up to the mini’s shiny edge as she lifted it up and flashed him a hint of shaved lips and a butterfly vibrator humming away at the apex of her lips, teasing her clit.


Accept the invitation or hit the gym?

          Accept the invitation


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