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School for Scandal | TehSquirreleh | 5


They'd been driving along and chatting away for at least three or four hours in the backseat, Vino wasn't exactly sure where they were heading, but Kendra wasn't lying when she'd proclaimed it to be a long drive. However, it wasn't like he wasn't in good company while seated back there and especially with her. A lovely woman of mixed heritage, her pacific heritage dominated most of her face and helped with the body while her ebony father had given up the genes that made such curves possible on her. Vino was of islander descent, accounting for his exotic skin tone and the mass of his body had been worked and chiseled into what he now looked like. At 40 years old, he was in the best shape of his life.

Relaxed, they'd talked about everything. Childhoods, schooling, their past careers, and even more about the mysterious academy their stunning driver was now taking them to. What she had to say about the school was nothing short of amazing, not only were the kind of women he'd already met the norm, but there were even better ones! And everyone free with their sexuality. Of course a majority of the staff was straight, with the females outnumbering the males two to one among the staff and the students were a staggering three to one. While relationships weren't encouraged nor frowned upon, there was a free-ness in their mentality that Vino had appreciated since his first time with a woman.

While Kendra edged ever closer in the stretch limo, their inhibitions slipped and soon the both of them were side by side, Vino's arm curled around her waist while the other held and helped share a bottle of bourbon that had been standing by in the mini-bar. The scent of alcohol mixed with the heady scent of her sweet perfume made her irresistible, their mouths coming close and finally latching onto one another, each of them letting the moment take and direct their actions.

Together a long and lustful kiss was shared until the need for air caused them to break and part, Vino looking into the deep brown eyes of Kendra and her looking back into his piercing green orbs.

"I...I'm sorry, Mr. Krown, I really shouldn't have done that, it's just that the mome-" She paused as Vino put a finger to her lips and she kissed it and licked the length of his digit suggestively before putting it into her mouth and wrapping those succulent lips tight and sucking.

"Ms. Kendra," Vino said with a grin, letting her suckle on his finger some more before he took it out and tasted her saliva once more, "please, call me Vino and I would have thought that this was exactly where you wanted this conversation to go."

She blushed and looked away, her hands coming to rest on his chest and leg, each one stroking her fingernails over his simple clothing of a T-shirt and a pair of jean shorts and she slowly raised her head to look back into his eyes while a smile played out over her lips. "Afraid that you're right, Vino. You see, we have a thorough information gathering process to make sure that not only are our students and teachers men and women of great talent, but all of them are handsome and beautiful...and...gifted."

Finally it all came together.

"That explains it all now and I have to say that not only will I teach at your academy, I hope to become a master professor in teaching so that I can stay at your school longer."

She laughed and brought her lips to Vino's once more and they shared a deeper kiss than before, holding each other's tongues between their mouths and twisting them together in a dance of passion while the hand holding the bourbon settled a cork back into place and put it back into a stable place. With his hand free, Vino put it to work, running the flat of his palm up Kendra's front and cupping one of those massive breasts into his hand. A muffled gasp and moan of delight rumbled out of her mouth before they broke once more and quickly helped him to remove the blazer to reveal a pure white blouse stretched to its limit across her bosom.

Quickly undoing the buttons the shirt slid off Kendra's slim shoulders and she reached back to undo the black satin bra beneath, letting Vino slide the garment off and free her breasts to view. Perfectly round and full with only a hint of sagging, both were capped by a darker nipple and areola only the size of a quarter compared to the mass below them. With a gaping mouth, Vino stared at the wondrous orbs presented to him and reached up to cup and squeeze the satin like skin which so easily yielded beneath his strong grip, but bounced back to form the moment he let go. Pursing her lips together, Kendra let out a low moan and cooed with the touch of bare skin and quickly tore at Vino's to match her state of undress.

Helping her, the shirt was torn free and the broad, muscled expanse was quickly pawed by her dark hands. "Good God, they weren't kidding when they said you were built, Vino. It's like touching a brick house!"

Chuckling, Vino watched her hands roam over his sculpted torso and dip to run her fingertips along his defined abdomen and made to undo his pants as she licked her lips hungrily. "And that's not the only thing they said about you. Is it true? Are you really -that- big down there and all natural?" Kendra was practically on the edge of her seat as the bulge making itself known was opened up and all that separated him from nudity was a pair of briefs.

Nodding with a knowing smile, he slid her hands away and unveiled himself with his own two hands. Grasping the thick shaft of his manhood, he hauled the hardening length from the cloth confines and laid it on the white material to make a stark contrast with his skin standing out against the white. Nearly 10 whole inches in length and with more to grow, it was like he'd grown another arm at birth as it wasn't only long, but thick too. With only a small sheath of foreskin stretched to cover just the ridge of smooth, fat head, it was certainly something any male would have been proud to own.

Gasping in amazement, Kendra went to her knees on the limo's floor and took it up in both of her manicured hands, stroking the beast of a cock slowly and watching it grow right before her very eyes.

"Indeed it's true, Kendra, I can tell by your reaction the size isn't something that's going to be a problem?"

Only capable of a nod, she lent in to gently run her tongue along the head from underside to tip and start lapping at it like a kitten nursing a bowl of milk. The pink tongue stroking the soft skin was like running a piece of velvet over him and Vino leant back to give a moan of pleasure as she continued her ministrations.


And what happens next?

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