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School for Scandal | TehSquirreleh | 4


As Vino stepped into the shower and turned the water on to run, he took a few moments to let the hot water run over his dark skin and relax the powerful muscles that had been put through a thorough exercise the previous evening and all night long. Letting his mind wander and trace back to that amazing woman and her unbelievable offer.

Walking through the terminal with Kendra, he was still in shock at the events that had happened. Somehow managing to bring his jaw up and back into working order, Vino managed a smile on his lips and looked over at Kendra by his side while he rolled his carry-on behind him.

"T-tell me about this job offer then, Kendra? I'm a little bit confused as to what exactly this could be seeing as how I've been in early retirement for a few years now," he said with a small chuckle to his voice and taking the opportunity to once again look over her body. What was concealed by the smart, black business like suit was easy to see. A full bust, probably DD or even bigger and with a small waist tapering out to balancing backside the pressed and molded itself against the short skirt bottom which left her legs bare and open for ogling. Shapely thighs that said this woman could do her fair share of body toning and smallish, petite feet fitted into stiletto heels that perched her up inches above her normal standing height.

"Oh yes! Well we're offering you the position of teacher at-"

"Excuse me? Teacher?" He interrupted and looked wide eyed before shaking his head slowly.

"Yes, teacher. Oh don't think that it's what you think it is, Mr. Krown. The academy I work for isn't your run of the mill institution of higher learning. We teach, yes, but our curriculum is far from ordinary and we could really use a man like you with us."

"Alright..." He said, slowly turning back to watch where they were going and stepping onto the escalator down to baggage claim, "Tell me though, what am I to teach? I've got absolutely no formal training of any kind."

Leaning against the opposite side, Kendra rested her arms on the railing as they descended and left one leg paused up on the stair above the one her other foot rested on, giving a tantalizing view of thigh that went all the way up until darkness shrouded him from seeing the rest up her skirt. "You're going to be one of our substitutes in for some of the general studies and physical education courses. Of course with your background, P.E. could become a permanent position."

Vino nodded to himself and canted his head to the side. That part at least made sense; he was a former bodybuilder and still kept himself in excellent shape, as shown by the broad chest underneath a plain black T-shirt and the muscled arms at his sides. "Well I guess as long as I have a lesson plan in front of me and some instructions of what to do and where to go with it, I could make do teaching here and there. Gym, you're right, I could do that more easily than anything else. However, I'm not entirely convinced that I should come out of a very nice retirement to be with kids-"

This time it was Kendra to interrupt. "Oh no, Mr. Krown, we're not teaching kids here. We're teaching young adults, teens coming out of puberty, in other worlds, all our students are at least 18 or older. And these young men and women are much more than your average student."

Vino perked a brow at that, "Good to know they're all above the age of consent," he mused with a laugh and elicited a grin from Kendra that showed pearly whites that almost shined. "And please, call me Vino."

Kendra nodded and kept her grin. "Vino then," She paused and stepped off as they reached the bottom the escalator's bottom with Vino following quickly and pointing out his flight as they headed to the carousels, "It is indeed and that's where out academy differs from many others. You see, Vino, we're sort of like a specialty school. Colleges have schools of business, arts, and the like, but for some special children of...hmm, exceptional talent, there isn't anything for them to choose from that could get the fullest out of these promising young men and women. That's where we come in."

Vino mused quietly as they came to the carousel and waited for his bags to show, spotting the same man who'd bumped him earlier eyeing Kendra like a lion does fresh meat. He'd have no chance of getting her though. Short, dumpy, and balding he bore the marks of a marriage and children on him like a horribly wounded veteran and could not hope to compare to Vino's tall, broad, and exceptional looks. Vino wasn't exactly vain and didn't consider himself God's gift to women, but he was a step up from most and it didn't hurt that to compliment a body like his, he also had an endowment below that rivaled with some men in the porno racket that considered themselves to be well hung. Smirking, he looked over to Kendra and was rewarded with a sultry smile and a smoldering gaze as she too appreciated his body compared to the rude man across the way.

"Well this is starting to sound a bit more like my sort of thing, but you are just raising more and more questions here."

"Feel free to ask away, Vino, I'm here not only to offer you a job, but as a personal assistant to help you make a well informed decision."

"Hmph," he turned away with even more of a smile on his lips as a particularly erotic thought flashed across his thoughts and made the blood start flowing a bit more rapidly through his body. He could certainly get used to a personal assistant like Kendra, especially if she was willing to get much more personal.


Blushing a bit and turning to regard the woman, he gulped and looked like a child with his hand caught in the cookie jar, "E-Excuse me?"

"Sex, Vino. That's what makes our academy different from all the others."

"You mean...what? I'm not exactly getting it."

"We place a special emphasis on the sexual nature of human beings and encourage our students to explore themselves and their bodies."

"I...see. Explains some things, I suppose." No wonder this woman was as dynamite looking as she was, she had to be aware of it and dress to flatter the form, which certainly explains the suit and the kiss, and even why they might have come to him to "teach" students. "Now if this wasn't the opportunity of a lifetime," he thought. They waited several minutes in relative silence while looking on and Vino mulled over the revelation set before him. After gathering the rest of his luggage which only consisted of another rolling piece larger than the carry on, he gave a half grin. "So where to from here? I don't suppose that you've got some sort of limo waiting to whisk me away to this academy of yours,” Vino added with another laugh.

"Actually yes, we do, your car has already been taken car of and has been delivered safe and sound to your home. While you're with us, all of your transportation needs will be taken care of and we'll provide a car for you at the academy itself. Are you interested then? If so, we really should get going. It is a long way to the estate."

Taken aback again, Vino simply stared and blinked, mouth falling open as he'd only been joking. Good God, these people were making him an offer he simply couldn't refuse and he'd be damned if he were going to miss out on this.

"Then I have nothing else to say other than to lead the way, Kendra."

Smiling again brilliantly she started off and he was quick to follow, watching that delightfully curved backside twist and roll beneath the tight fabric of her business suit. She'd have to be wearing a thong or nothing at all to get such a clean and uninterrupted sight. Kendra led them outside to a waiting driver who took care of stowing away Vino's personal items and opened the door to allow them to get in the spacious back portion. Even the driver was stunning, a similar cut of the mold from Kendra although her skin was much lighter and held only a bit of a tan while her hair was a brilliant red and cut short to tuck under her smart cap.


The car ride.

          The car ride.


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