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School for Scandal | TehSquirreleh | 3


"Mister Krown? Oh! Mister Krown over here!"

The first words to greet a middle aged man returning from a little well deserved vacation time in the decidedly warmer and enjoyable Caribbean islands, and it was clear that his time there had been well spent, although there was also confusion of his face as he made his way to the feminine body waving one up high above her head while the other held a sign with his name printed on it. "What the hell," he thought as a grin came to his handsome face, "it's not like I'm a celebrity or anything, and maybe this was some sort of 'welcome home' present from my buddies."

And what a present to come home to. Tall, leggy, and with a uniform on that was clearly near the bursting point at a few strategic places not to mention the lovely tint of skin like polished teak wood and dark hair cascading down her back, she was clearly the envy of every woman there and the eye candy of every man around. Coming closer to her, Vino Krown couldn't help becoming even more entranced by the sweet scent of her perfume and her expressive almond shaped and colored eyes.

"Oh Mister Krown, it's so nice to meet you. My name is Kendra and I've been sent to offer you a job," purred out through full lips and with a husky and mature tone that said this woman was older than her body and attire suggested. Taken aback by not only the surprise job offering, but yet another charm of Kendra, it was a bit before the noise and the bustle of the airport brought him staggering back to reality. Literally. Bumped from behind by some armchair quarterback gentleman in a business suit, Vino was hard pressed to stop himself from staggering a few more inches forward and come eye to eye with the stunning woman. With a giggle and a soft, demure smile she leant in to peck his lips lightly and then craned her neck to whisper that they head to retrieve his luggage and talk more about this supposed "job offering".

What followed was like a surreal dream ending back at Vino's apartment and in his bed with both bodies drenched in sweat and twisted sheets trying to keep up with the fevered and fast paced fucking of the respective god and goddess of the bedroom. It was still hard to believe any of it was real as he awoke sometime late in the morning, alone, but with a note scented with Kendra's perfume and a lipstick signature of her lips pressed against the paper with praise of his performance the night before and reminding him of the very real job of teaching at a very private and very selective institution of somewhat questionable although very arousing prospects. Chuckling with the deep baritone of his voice, he got up out of bed and made his way to the shower to get ready for his first day of schooling.


What next?

          Flashback to the meeting with Kendra.

          First day at school.


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