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An Erotic Dream | Black Kitten | 4


I reached my hand out and grabbed "101 Sex Positions". If my handsome lover and I were going to do it, I wanted to do it every way possible at every angle. I opened the book and began reading. The first position they mentioned was the missionary position ... I liked to do it that way, good ol' missionary style. It offered nice deep penetration, and I liked to wrap my legs around my lover's neck as we thrusted.

Mmm, I might like to try that one. I love it when cock rubs against my clit. While the man's doing all the work I like to press my legs together - you wouldn't believe the sort of orgasms that produces. I flipped the page, reading the next chapter on "Rear Entry Positions".

The doggystyle is of course the classic, but I prefer when the man sits on the edge of the bed and I lower myself on top of him. Mmm, it feels so good when it gets deep. It's also nice when the man lies down and I can kneel facing away from him, lowering myself onto his thick cock. When his cock gets inside me, rocking back and forth is incredible, it's like instant orgasm. But my favourite position is furniture sex, when the woman sits on the edge of the furniture and the man penetrates while standing.

Mmm, all this erotic reading is really getting me riled up.


Go back to pick another book or start some action!


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