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An Erotic Dream | Black Kitten | 3


"I ... I don't know about this. I'm not really in the mood." I stutter, and swing my legs out of bed. My lover sits up and gently grabs my panties, gesturing me to come back. He steps out of bed beside me, and I see his hard manhood poking out through his underwear, erect with semen, waiting to be unloaded. Looking into his deep brown eyes, I want to surrender myself to him, let myself be ravished, but it is happening too quickly. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and that the longer we prolong intercourse, the sweeter our passion will be ultimately. I tell him this and I walk to the door and leave the room, entering into the hallway.

Through the doors I can see the other rooms, all very elegant and romantic. Through the door opposite me I could see the bathroom, complete with jacuzzi bath. I continue down the hall and find a small study and library, and I enter. The bookshelves are filled with erotic literature, books on sex positions, and generally just a lot of books about sex. I turn the lights on, and pick a few good books that I found interesting; "101 Sex Positions", "Erotic Stories", and "Romantic Ideas". With the books in hand I exited and went into the bathroom, closing the door behind me but not locking it. I might have a rather sexy guest later on ...

After I set the water running, I stepped back and peeled off my lingerie. The bathroom was gorgeous, with a jacuzzi on one side surrounded by frosted glass screen that I could pull around it. When the bath had filled, I turned the jets on, put the books beside the tub and stepped inside. The water was pleasantly warm, it sent waves of heat through my body that were similar to an orgasm. My nipples, erect from the cold, instantly softened in the steaming water, and I let out a long, pleasurable sigh.

"Mmmm ... oh, yes ..." I sighed, and leaned back, letting the jacuzzi jets massage my body gently. I figured out that if I positioned myself the right way, just slightly to my left, one of the jets streamed directly onto my clit, massaging it gently and pulling me into a deeper state of relaxation. It was so hot and pleasureable, I could lie here for hours. I reached over to the side of the tub and picked one of the books for some steamy reading.


Which one did I pick?

          "101 Sex Positions"


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