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An Erotic Dream | Black Kitten | 1


It is a warm summer's day when I decide to take a stroll in the meadow a short ways away from my house. It is fair and warm, and a light cool breeze blows the tall grass in the wind. Wanting to watch the clouds, I lay down in the blowing grass, and rest my head on my arms. Everything is so picturesque ... I love this meadow. For a while, I watch the fluffy clouds drift by me, and I begin to lose track of the time ...

Suddenly, my eyes flicker open. It seemed to take only a second, but in fact many hours have gone by. I was not even laying in the grass anymore, but instead lying on a warm, soft bed in a strange room. The lighting was low, almost romantic, and I find myself wearing nothing but my underwear - not the modest cotton ones I fell asleep in, but soft silky panties and a sheer babydoll top. I look around the room, bewildered - I am laying on a very large, comfortable canopy bed on one side of the room, with red velvet drapes encircling me. I part the velvet drapes gently, and see the rest of the room. There is a wide bay window on the right side of the room, with a spectacular view of the ocean at sunset. From the cieling, a glass chandelier hangs. There are a few leather chairs around the room, a large dresser with a mirror attached opposite the bed, and mirrors on the cieling. On either side of the bed there are endtables with various things on them - candles, a clock, and a bottle of lube. While I'm wondering where I am, the door to the room opens and a man walks in.

I gasp at the sight of him. The man is a tall, muscular specimen, with rippling abs and firm legs. He's not too muscular, just enough so that they are accentuated with the light of the sun. His skin in the colour of coffee when cream is added, a medium shade of brown. His hair is black and wavy, cascading down to his ears and framing his sturdy jaw. His deep brown eyes stare at me, and finally he speaks.

"You are awake, my love." he growls in a deep tone, with a heavy Mexican accent. "And you look more beautiful than ever."

Who the heck is this guy?, I wonder. He's a complete stranger, but somehow I want to surrender myself to him. He is gorgeous.


What do you do?

          Lay back and let him come to you.


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