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Band of Adventurers | mfries26 | 4


They got down to the courtyard, which was fairly large. It had several posts, in order to tie up horses, troughs, barrels and such. Misty was excited and ran out in the middle, drew out her sword and waited for Janno's instructions. Janno stood on the other side, facing her, and drew his sword.

"It's important that you know what your sword is designed to do, besides cutting things. I carry a browd sword - mostly good for cleaving or stabbing. Your sword is a scimitar, more for slicing, or maybe faster still, decapitation."

Misty cringed at that, but was still excited. Janno had brought some melons previously at the market and went and got them from a basket he left them in. Placing them on the posts, and then looking back at Misty.

"This is your enemy, an orc, Misty. Try to focus on how you approach these beasts, becuase they move very fast, and could be behind you in no time. You want to cut it's head off!!"

Janno simply stood and watched her. Misty got ready, put her other hand on the hilt and breathed. Janno also noticed some other type of melons.

"DIE ORC BASTARD!!" and Misty charged at the (fake) orc and swung the sword, which stuck straight into the post. She nearly knocked the wind out of her, because she used her gut to reinforce the power. Janno shook his head. "God, what have I done," he said to himself.

Then a great laugh came from above. Janno shot his eyes upward while Misty was catching her breath. It was Caroline from one of the windows at the inn. She was laughing quite loudly.

"Whooa ho hoo! Little girl, come on now. Isn't that sword a little big for you? Ho Ho...methinks you might have some luck with this." and she threw down a bronze short sword that stuck in the groun at Misty's feet.

"Don't laugh at me!!" Misty shouted.
"Okay, okay!" yelled Janno. "Lets just concentrate. She only wants to help all of us, Misty." He picked up the sword. "Thanks Caroline, but watch the laughter."

Misty took the sword in her hands and put the scimitar aside. She stood in front of the post, ready for another shot.
"Try just measuring up to it, Misty." Janno said as he watched her move. Yet he couldn't help also thinking, what a nice young ass in her mail.

"YAAHHH!!" Whopp!!
"ALright! Misty!! about some defense?" And Janno draws his sword.


How's Misty gonna add up?

          After some practice


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