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Band of Adventurers | mfries26 | 4


It seemed like weeks, but it was really days. The small band of adventurers were getting anxious to start a quest, or simply go to the next largest city, when one morning there was a knock on the door. Janno got up from the table eagerly and answered the door. In the frame stood a man. But not just a man. An elf- woodelf, to be exact. He was somewhat tall, and slender.

"Greetings, from Eschershire. I am Timmius, the herbalist. I saw the sign out by the hall, and thought Id stop by. Do you have a medic?" he querried.

Janno's face lit up with excitement.
"Please, no, come in! Come in, will you? We're just having breakfast. Wont you have some?"
Timmius looked around the table, and saw the two ladies busy with some bacon. He bowed politeley, and sat.

"This is Dalia the druid, and Kassi, a ranger. This is Timmius, a medic." with that sitting back down.

"We're so lucky to have you at our door," said Kassi, "we were about to head to the next town, but were glad we waited. I have bowmenship as well. Im sure you do also?"

"Yes, quite so. In my practice, being immortal doesnt mean you cant be killed. I've a lot of magic in the medicines I make. By the by. What is it that your wanting to form a new band for?"

"Well," Janno started, "After the slaying of my previous companions we had pretty much disbanded the ogres. With Rokko dead, the leader fled. But he swore he'd be back, and with the new threat of bringing....goblins into the matter." he stated.

This got everyone's ears ringing at the word of goblins, or orcs, or any of the like. Dalia look downright mad and afraid at the same time.

"My uncle was the foreman of our prefect to the North. Now him and a lot of people I know have fought with, Im sure, the very same goblins that might be coming down here." Dalia said. "I know it's about a weeks ride to Sangasio, but the fighters there are unparalleled in their skills and craftsmanship. I suggest we go there. What do you think Janno?" she added.

Janno was really admired by the knowledge Dalia had. Being older, was it so obvious? She looked to Kassi, then to Timmius.

"Well, we have each other. So if no one has any better ideas, I say we go to the blacksmith and get some horses."

Everyone nodded in agreement. Timmius finished his juice and bread.
"Your item shop? I must buy a few things. Are we leaving today?"

"Of course. We'll need all the time we have." said Janno.

They all got up from the table and agreed to meet at the town hall at 9 a.m.


What will happen as the journey to Sangasio?

          Enroute to Sangasio


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