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The Wish | mfries26 | 5


The warm salty cum of your own cock really turns on your new bod. Your really enjoying the taste of it as you look at her in your body. You reach down and grab her balls and rub them softly in your hand and then put your arm around her and kiss her deep. She's kinda caught off guard because she didnt think you were so into it. Suddenly as quick as she pumped her load in your mouth, you spit some back into hers, which is your body. She pushes you away since being scared in her old body, but not knowing her newfound strength pushes you down on the bed and your head hits the headboard.

"OW!! Shit!" you say as you hear your J voice. It hurts a helluva lot more not that your in her. She looks down at you very apollogetically.

"Oh God Im sorry honey." and she lays next to you holding you, kissing you.

You relax and get over it, and hold her again. Still feeling the lingering wetness of your new cunt, you shoot your hand down there and start fiddling. Sexual instincts bring your leg across hers and you start kissing her harder. You straddle over her- over yourself and look at her.
"God Im not done yet! I didnt cum all the way."

You start to rub your crotch again in front of her, and notice she enjoys seeing how you use her hands as your working the clit. You have got to get off all the way.


Do you ask her if she wants to eat you?


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