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A Frustrated Wife Steps Out | chileguy | 6


The man in the car is her husband. Eric goes outside and confronts tiny dick. He punches him umconscious. Cindy and Eric drive tiny dick to their house.. Cindy does not want to humiliate tiny, but it is the only way Eric will fuck her with his glorious dick. Since Cindy is a nurse, she gives tiny a roofie and injects him with paralyzing agent. She also starts him on hormone therapy so he will grow breasts and castrates his dicklet with piano wire. She packs up his wound while Eric hoists him pver their bed and hangs him from the ceiling by his feet. Tiny is staring ditectly at them as Eric runs his huge dick along Cindy's pussy lips. Then with a huge thrust Eric shoves his huge cock in "OH GOD !!"IT'S SO HUGE YOU ARE SPLITTING ME IN TWO" Eric did not want to say anything to scare Cindy, but he wasn't even half way in "GOD YOU ARE SO TIGHT...TINY DICK NEVER FULLY STRETCHED YOUR PUSSY OUT....BUT I WILL...JUST RELAX..IF YOU RELAX YOUR VAGINAL MUSCLES...IT WILL BE EASIER FOR ME TO GET IN AND STRETCH YOU OUT" Inch by delicious inch he pushed into her. Her pussy began to gush juice because no cock had been this deep in her. THEY FUCKED ALL NIGHT IN EVERY POSITION ON THE MARITAL BED. They laughed at tiny dick hanging from the ceiling. Later, as tiny's paralysis wore off...they gave him more roofies and told him to suck the cum out of Cindy...suck Eric hard again...put his cock in her pussy...and then they sat on his face smothering him as they continued their sexual orgy


what is next for Cindy and Eric


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