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A Frustrated Wife Steps Out | magicstic01 | 3


Waving back at Cynthia was a handsome black man in his early thirties, well dressed in a navy blue suit with a muscular build. She felt relieved that the drink came from someone who she wouldn't mind having as company. In fact she found him to be the most attractive man she'd seen in a while. As she processed what was happening she could feel her temperature and heart rate rising accompanied by a warm sensation between her thighs. Cynthia smiled back at the stranger and waved him over with her finger. He stood up nonchalantly and began to walk over to her as she admired his height. He appeared to be at least six feet tall and she had always had a thing for tall men; an area her husband was lacking in.

"Hi I'm Eric", he said in a deep throaty voice with a smile on his face.
"Hey Eric, I'm Cynthia", she retorted blushing.

As he stood there before her table she couldn't help but notice the amazing bulge protruding through his slacks as if his cock had a mind of its own. At the mere sight of it she instantly felt a tingly sensation between her legs as she invited him to sit next to her. She was already getting moist.

They sat there for a couple hours having a few more drinks as they talked openly about her frustrations with her husband for not being around more and his frustrations about living the single life and being too overworked to have the time to meet women. Eric noticed her voluptuous breasts, slim waist, and full lips. He couldn't help but think that underneath this woman's classy and respectable facade there was a porn star with a perfect body that was designed to get fucked really well. He had caught her checking him out on several occasions when she thought he wasn't paying attention.

Slowly their inhibitions were disappearing as they talked and began to get more comfortable with each other. They would crack jokes and laugh and she would sometimes place her hand on his shoulder and he would respond in kind by placing his hand on her thigh momentarily with no objections from her. Already feeling hot and bothered by this sexy man next to her Cynthia decided to take it a little further by placing her hand on his lap too. Much to her surprise as she put her hand on his upper thigh she felt the length of his cock through his pants along his leg and froze as she realized what she had just discovered.

"It's ok baby. You don't have to move your hand away if you don't want to", he whispered to her when he saw her surprised expression. Then she relaxed a bit and slowly started to caress the length of his cock through his pants.

"Oh my. You've been blessed haven't you Eric?", she asked with a mischievous grin on her face.
"So they say", he responded. "Do you want to find out for yourself? It can be arranged".
"Well to be honest Eric, I've been wondering about your cock all night long", she whispered in his ear softly.
"Is that so? Well then I guess there are two ways to find out", he said. "Either you can whip it out right now under this table and have a look for yourself, or we can get out of here and then you can examine it more closely and openly. Which would you prefer sexy?"


Does Cynthia take his cock out then and there? Or do they go somewhere more private?

          The Car Will Do Just Fine


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