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Jessica Rabbit's Massive Mammaries' Many Mishaps | TehSquirreleh | 3


After being filled by her husband's creamy love, Jessica had to take another shower to get rid of the accumulated sweat and cum that had begun leaking out of her pussy, thankfully though he didn't want to go another round after this one. After a quick glance at the clock on the wall told her, in both the non and literal sense, she was running late for work, the super busty woman quickly threw on some proper business attire and sprinted for her car after a hurried goodbye to her loving husband. After the movies and cartoons she had starred in stopped airing and stopped becoming a means to live off on, she had gotten work as an advertising executive and now spent most of her day trying to at least tone down the blatant sexuality of her company's advertisements. Sex sells, but she at least made an effort for them to not to just stick a naked woman next to their product with the guarantee that it will get you laid. It really didn't help that she was as curvy as she was, but as she always said "I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way."

So it was another day and another dollar for the one time starlet as she pulled into the parking lot and made her way into the building to take the elevator up to her floor. Her hair was down today and hung in that seductive manner across her face, obscuring one eye before dropping back to brush against the top of her perfect bottom, and her makeup was still well applied and tasteful considering the haste at which she had to put it on. A black business blazer hung open to reveal the stretched and nearly bursting white blouse underneath, tucked into the top of her short black skirt that left almost all of her long and toned legs bare with a pair of black pumps that put her ass up on display. On the elevator ride up, it wasn't hard to notice most of the men and even a few women checking her out, which she had to admit gave her a bit of a thrill and it didn't help that some of the men eyeing her up were very handsome and quite the lookers. When it came time for her to exit, she sighed softly and edged carefully past the others in there, brushing her breasts on a few pairs of arms, having to stifle a quiet moan as her nipples perked up on their own beneath her bra and got a brief touch as she slid past everyone else. Once out, she glanced over her shoulder and saw a couple of the men at the front had their hands covering their crotches.

A smirk crossed her full lips and she made her way to her office, greeting her co-workers along the way and popping in to say hello to some of the friends she had when all of a sudden she felt a hand grab her bottom from behind just before she had gotten her office door opened. A deep sigh came from the man behind her and she froze in place. It was her boss.

William Haywood. Also known as "Bill the Bastard", William was a heavyset man in his forties with a penchant for getting a new secretary every time he managed to knock up his previous one and send her packing with some hush money. Jessica had guessed that there had to have been at least 10 different secretaries that she'd been working here and had to learn the names of before they mysteriously disappeared to be replaced by a new one with a different hair style, color, or skin tone. They all had the same general body type though, one to rival even her own, but she was the one with enough brain power to know that getting involved with him would be not only a horrible idea, but a gigantic mistake. Never the one to give up or to get a clue, though, William was relentless in his pursuit to put a Jessica Rabbit named notch on his belt. She could almost picture his sleazy little grin as the hand on her ass squeezed and lingered on for a few more moments before he dropped it back down to his side. "Ah, Jessica...Jessica, Jessica, Jessica. Hmm, I suppose that I'll let you off the hook for being late today. I'm in a good mood. Any more tardiness on your end, though, and we'll have to have a discussion."

Forcing herself to maintain a calm demeanor and resist the urge to spin around and tear his face off, Jessica slowly turned to face her boss and lowered her eyes to the floor. Partly to look ashamed, partly to avoid making eye contact, and partly to try and keep from vomiting at his lewd stare. "I'm very sorry, Mr. Haywood. It won't happen again," she said, adding in a hint of embarrassment.

"Mm, see that it doesn't. Don't forget that we've got that meeting with the new account's head director. I want you to be there. You know how it's always helped us out to show our customers our considerable assets."

Jessica knew just which "assets" he was talking about, her "assets". "Yes, sir. I'll be there."

"Good, good. Mmm..." and then William let out another sigh as he turned and walked away, leaving Jessica with the urge to shed her skin. Turning back around, she entered her office and set about doing as much work as she could to get her mind off of her boss' infatuation with her. Fortunate for her, though, there was plenty of mail to go through and plenty to keep her occupied until the meeting with the new clients came and she hustled to the meeting room, taking a seat with the other department heads and waited for their client.

She, along with the others in the room, had expected another boring man to walk into their midst. Maybe older, heavier, less hair on his head, and more than likely, about as attractive to the eye as a tall glass of prune juice is to a man dying of thirst. What they got instead was an ice cold glass of beer and a whole team of cheerleaders surrounding an iced down keg. What first came into the room was a massive pair of breasts the preceded the woman carrying them by about half of a foot. Not only were they big, but they were perfect and round, like a ripe pair of melons just begging to be picked. And the body that followed was just as attractive. She had an angelic face, beautiful and sultry at the same time, with a pair of ocean blue eyes that Jessica found herself getting lost in. Her dark skin was very exotic, the sort of dusky red that brought to mind the color the sun before it disappeared beneath the horizon, and freckled lightly. She had a trim little stomach that showed she was an enthusiastic exerciser and a set of hips that screamed dangerous curves ahead. Her profile was exquisite, a body made for sin as evidenced by her considerable ass and thick thighs. All dressed up in a conservative outfit that would have been severe had it been on a lesser endowed woman. Her blond hair was long and braided, and a pair of glasses were perched on her nose, her full lips spread into a smile as she took up the empty seat left at the end of the table for her.

William stumbled over his words as he tried to do his best to drag his tongue back into his mouth and speak properly. "Ahh...uh..w-welcome...Miss, uh...uhm."
The woman at the end of the conference table took her time in assessing everyone present, Jessica noting that her eyes stayed on her considerably longer than anyone else before she turned her attention to Bill. "Ventris. Miss Ventris, and thank you William." Her voice was soft and sultry as well, a certain deepness that lent her a mature and commanding feeling. "Let me apologize, first, I know that you were expecting Chad to come here, but he's no longer with us. In fact, you're going to be representing Ventris Pharmaceuticals now, not ComSpa Medicines." Jessica thought she saw a hint of a grin turn the woman's lips upward. "My name is Thea Ventris and I'm the new president and CEO over there."

Again William stumbled and fumbled for his words as they continued to talk and debate over the kind of representation Thea wanted for her company, Jessica catching several more quick glances over to her as the meeting progressed. When it came down to contact and who would be handling the bulk of representation with the company, William was about to introduce Ted, the senior executive in charge of new accounts when Miss Ventris abruptly cut him off.

"I'll have to decline your offer of, hm, Ted, was it? Yes, I think that a more fitting representative for my company would be her." Everyone around the table looked to where she was pointing and Jessica gulped nervously as her finger was pointing squarely at the busty redhead.

"Ah, Miss Ventris, I can assure you that Ted is fully capable of taking your case and making your company a lot of money. Jessica there, she's talented, but I don't think that she's experienced enough for.."

Again Thea cut him off with smile and a gentle, but firm voice. "William, the customer is always right, no? I'll take Jessica over there and no one else. I'm sure that Ted is capable, but I'm going to have to go with woman's intuition here. I didn't get to the top of the corporate ladder by just blindly following orders. Either Jessica is put on the case or I'm afraid, Ventris Pharmaceuticals may have to go looking for another agency to handle our public image."

The ComSpa account, or as it was now the Ventris Pharmaceuticals account, was quite a large one and if they were chosen for the job, it would mean lots of money and lots of future business for them. Jessica was well aware of this fact and knew that would also mean a huge bonus for her as well as a big jump in her salary. Seeing as how Thea held all of the power here, William was pretty much forced to concede. "Alright, Miss Ventris. Jessica will be handling your account, we'll be getting the papers out to you by the end of the week."

Inside, Jessica was dancing around with glee, hopping up on the table and going wild, running over to lay a big ole kiss on Thea's lips. However on the outside she simply smiled and nodded once to Thea. "I'll be more than happy to represent you and your company, Miss Ventris."

"Why thank you, Jessica." Thea grinned and sent the woman a nod of her own before she got up from her seat and spread her hands wide. "I look forward to working with you, we'll have to arrange a meeting to discuss the details later, but I must be getting back for now. Have a good day, everyone, and I'll be seeing you later, Jessica." With a little wink to her, Thea walked out of the room, taking with her the attention of every male on her way out. The conference room was quiet for a minute or two while everyone, Jessica herself, waited for everything to settle in. William cleared his throat and looked to Jessica with a not so subtle glare.

"Well then, I assume you know what this means for everyone here and yourself, Jessica. Don't screw this up. If you do, I'll be having more than your ass on a silver platter." He got up and so did everyone else, except Jess, and left the room. As everyone cleared out of the room, she kept a calm demeanor, however as soon as she was sure everyone was gone and a few feet away from the door she got up and let out a loud "Yeah!" and pumped her fists into the air while dancing around, shaking her ass and whooping excitedly before she forced herself to calm down again. She walked out into the hall to people staring at her to which she simply smiled and strode confidently back to her office.


How does the rest of the day go?


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