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"Yes" | Trivion | 9


After pondering for a little while, Drew seemed to have an idea. However he did not tell her immediately, not wanting to let go of this opportunity to soon. So he asked her "If I helped you, would you promise to be a little 'nicer' to me in the future", winking all the way. Tanya was desperate to get rid of this curse , before it destroyed her future, didn't really have much choice. "I'd do anything for the person who gets me free from this curse. After all, you could get "everything" from me in my condition now, so if I offer you anything less, it does nothing." Satisfied with this answer and not wanting to put up with Tanya's doubting eyes any longer, he resolved to try the solution that sprung up in his head thanks to his mathematical interest. "Do not fulfill this request". Tanya was confused. "What did that ..., oh wait a minute i cannot possibly heed this wish and you think..." Drew interrupted "Yes, I think if you cannot follow an order, the curse breaks down, so lets try now"


Science vs Magic: does it work? How does Tanya react Eager? Reluctant? Defiant?


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