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Big Melon Valley | TehSquirreleh | 6


Ron stepped out of the shower and got toweled off while Aunt Rachel continued her shower, letting the remnants of her nephew's big load go down the drain. Satisfied for the moment, he made his way into the bedroom and got dressed, then headed back out into the main hallway and down to the kitchen. Blowing a wad like that always made him hungry. His sister was already there, drinking a glass of tea while his father and mother were talking.

"I'm sorry, hun, but I've got to do this. It can't be helped!"

"But Dave! Your sister is here, you just can't up and leave!" His mother hissed through clenched teeth, glaring darkly at her husband.

'Oh boy,' Ron thought as he crossed into the main room and flopped back on the couch, 'Another argument. That makes number five this week.'

It wasn't always like this. Sometimes they were a genuine family, happy and carefree. After all his father did bring in the money and they were able to live comfortably, but he was a total ass sometimes. Ron absently listened to the conversation while watching the rest of the game on television. Something about the company calling, he had to leave now to make the plane, and his mother was totally pissed because tonight was supposed to be "special". That usually meant it was their night to have sex. Ron didn't know what Mom was so pissed about, Dad didn't usually last more than a couple minutes and he knew from hearing her talk on the phone that she wished he would do more than lay there.

"Just...I don't know. I'll make it up when I get back, okay? Now I have to go, I'm already running late as is." And with that his Dad swept through kitchen and shot a glance back to Ron. "You're the man of the house for two weeks, now, I expect you to behave and treat everyone well. You're not to use the car, go out with friends past midnight, or do anything stupid while I'm gone, alright? Good." Ron waved a hand, he'd heard it all before. Then his father went out the front door with his packed bags and that was that. They all heard the sedan that was the "family car" go out of the garage and a silence washed over the group.

Just then Rachel decided to walk into the room wearing a short shirt that just barely managed to cover her breasts and a pair of jeans. "Is that my baby brother leaving us all alone for the rest of the night?" She said, cocking a hip to the side and placing her hands at her waist. Holly looked up at her sister-in-law and nodded, rolling her eyes around and then waving her in, Rachel took the path to the kitchen so that she could girl talk with Holly while Ron had to suppress his urge to take another pass at his aunt.

Skipping off to her room, Candy stopped to stick her tongue out at Ron who gave her the finger and then went back to watching the game. Pretty soon though there was nothing to do but listen to his mother and aunt talking and that was getting pretty old so he decided to go to his room, leaving Holly and Rachel to giggle and talk to their heart's content.

"So! Any guys in your life?" Holly asked while she busied herself with making dinner.

"Uhm..." Rachel blushed and looked down to the kitchen floor. "A couple of guys, yes." Feeling her pussy twinge at the thought of Ron and her in the shower, she couldn't leave out the fact that she was feeling more and more attracted to her studly nephew. "When did Ron get so big, though? I swear the last time that I saw him, he was hardly able to lift his backpack!"

"Oh yeah! I know! He's really filled out since puberty and being on the wrestling team had just helped him to mature faster. He's got a great body, doesn't he?"
Rachel giggled and nodded, biting her lower lip. "If only he wasn't my nephew..." She trailed off, to which Holly almost dropped the pan she was holding. Setting it down, she whirled on her and gave her a naughty grin.

"I know what you mean. I've had fantasies about him. I get to see him in that tight wrestling uniform and when he's working out. The boy is a stud! So are some of the kids on his team. You should see his friend, Jeremy. My god, he's built like an Adonis!"

Falling into fits of giggles at their talk of the young men around, the girls made small talk while Ron was up in his room, trying his best to concentrate on his studies. Although he wasn't a brainiac, he certainly wasn't just some dumb jock either and he kept a good average up throughout school, but for the life of him couldn't help thinking back to earlier. The feeling of his aunt's juggernauts wrapped around his throbbing cock and wanking him to explosion was still a bit too much and he couldn't get the image of her out of his mind.

"Fuck, Rachel.." He moaned, sitting back in his chair and slipping a hand underneath his shorts to stroke the hardening beast of his cock. Busy stroking himself, he didn't notice that Candy had crept into his room, intent on scaring the shit out of him, although hearing him moan out their aunt's name made her stop in her tracks.

'Eeewww,' she thought, 'My little brother has a thing for his aunt?! Guh! Disgusting!' Even so, she hadn't been blind to her brother's filling out and had to admit he looked good. If only he was taller, then she would probably be drooling over him as well. Now his friend, Jeremy? That guy was a fucking hunk and a half! Tall, muscular, and he had a cute butt too. Although he was pretty much off limits being his brother's friend and all.

Candy let out a soft sigh at the thoughts of Jeremy running through her head and gasped as Ron suddenly jerked upright and spun around, hand in his shorts and hard on in hand! "SIS! OH MY GOD!" He quickly jerked his hand from his pants and tried to cover his raging member, although that was nearly impossible to do due to his size. And Candy was looking straight at it.

'Wow! Baby brother is packing some serious meat in those pants!' Flashed through her mind and she couldn't stop herself from suddenly letting out a groan.


Does Candy scream? Or does Ron make her moan some more?


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