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Big Melon Valley | TehSquirreleh | 4


Ron couldn't believe what was happening. First he was able to see his mother in the nude, then he got her to actual guzzle down some of his cum, and now his milf mother was offering to take care of his "needs". What a lucky guy he was becoming and fast! With a shrug of his shoulders, he nodded.

"M-m-mom? I-I mean, you don't have to if you don't want to!" Ron stuttered as he felt his mother's hands run up and down his chest, feeling his strong muscles and then she tickled her fingertips into his stomach, making him laugh involuntarily and clench his stomach in. With a little giggle, she then dipped her fingers into his Speedo briefs and tugged them down. Well, more like over, his hardening cock until his entire shaft was out and his balls hung free.

"Ooo!" Holly cooed, seeing her son's huge cock pop out into the open and spring to life, bobbing in the air with his quickened heartbeat. The broad, fat head bulged with anticipation and Ron let out a grunt as he felt his balls tighten and send a squirt of pre to jet out his pisshole. Landing against his mom's cheek with a "splat!" Holly giggled again and flashed her handsome son a devilish grin before reaching out and daintily taking his cock in hand, lifting it up against his chest and watching the fat underbelly twitch and jerk with need. Glancing over her shoulder to make sure no one was looking; Holly then leaned in and licked a long trail up the hard shaft, almost giving poor Ron a heart attack as he watched her in complete disbelief.

"Mom?! What the fuck?!"

"SHHH!" Holly leaned back and scowled up at her son. "Do you want your father to come out here and see this, huh? You have no idea how much trouble you'll be in, he might just kill you if he sees this." She said in a firm tone, licking her lips as she went back in for another taste of Ron's bulging member. "Now, be quiet and enjoy. Your mother hasn't had a cock like this since college." She grinned up at her son and took the head of his cock into her mouth, sucking, drawing out another spurt of pre to which Ron gasped and moaned. Holy shit. His hot mom was actually doing this. She was giving him a blowjob!

"Oooohhhh man..." He groaned out slowly, placing his hands on Holly's giant tits while she winked up at him and drew him farther into her mouth. Squeezing her tits, Ron marveled at how his mother took to naturally swallowing his big cock and then he wondered just what was happening in college that he didn't know about. He knew that his parents had met in college, but there was no way his old man sported anything close to what Ron was packing, he'd walked in on his Dad a few times while the man was taking a piss and it looked pretty average to him.

"Mmmpf...mmm...yummy," Holly sucked and slurped on the big bell end, lapping her tongue at the head like a kitten taking in a saucer of milk and then dived back on, breathing shallowly and only through her nose, slowly inching her lips further and further until she could feel him bumping against the back of her throat. Then she started to bob her head back and forth while letting her tongue drag along the bottom of Ron's erection. Kneading his fingers into the still firm flesh of her breasts, Ron drew little muffled moans and groans from his mother while she happily sucked his cock. Soon he was thrusting his hips back and forth, helping Holly with her task, bumping his big balls against her chin.

He tilted his head back and let out another low moan, feeling like he was going to blow any moment from a mixture of suspense and excitement. He glanced back to the doors and saw no sign of movement, and then he looked back to his mom and closed his eyes tight, gulping down breaths of air. There was no way he was going to last much longer and he could already feel his sack tightening up, preparing to fire his load down his mother's gullet.

"Oh god...oh it comes, Mom, here it comes..." He breathed hard and fast, steadily fucking his mother's mouth until he buried himself in against her throat and held it there. Without much more warning other than the wild bucking of his cock as it was trapped within Holly's mouth, he started to let his seed loose.
Firing in long, slow bursts, Ron's mom did all she could to hold on and swallow quickly, but soon the flow was too much! She gagged and drew off, taking a spurt across her nose and cheeks while she swallowed her big mouthful and places her hands back on the bucking cock as it sprayed her face again. Jerking her son off, she cooed and looked up with streaks of pearly white starting to drip from her beautiful face.

"That's it, baby. Cum for mommy, oh! What a nice big load, yummy, it tastes so good too. That's it; drench your mother in hot cum. Don't waste a single, fucking, drop."

"Uuuuunnnnggghh!" Hearing his mother's dirty talk only served to prolong his orgasm and he dumped another shot across her face while the rest of his lengthy climax ended up on Holly's hooters. By no means was he able to coat the twin mountains jutting from her chest, but he did do a fair job of soaking the top halves of each globe. Panting in the aftermath of his orgasm, he stepped back a few steps and bent over to place his hands on his knees. Gathering his breath, he looked to his mother as she scooped up a long, creamy strand and fed it to her hungry mouth.

"Mmm, what a good boy!" Holly giggled and seat about rubbing her drenched tits with his semen until it was mixed in with her sunscreen, flashing her son a quick wink before motioning for him to pull his suit back up quickly. Ron managed to stuff himself back into his suit before his father came back out. Looking between the two, he gave them a small smile and thumbed back inside.

"Gonna get ready and then head out to the bar for a few drinks with the guys. Don't wait up!"

"Mmm! Okay!" Holly waved and so did Ron, the old man disappearing back inside before Ron's mom, sighed and shook her head. "Sure thing, go and get drunk, then come home for me to clean up your mess. Yeah, lovely." With a frown, she looked back to Ron who was able to stand now and flashed him a grin. "Looks like the next two weeks are gonna be fun, huh son? Now, we're gonna have to be careful with Candy around, but the next time you feel the urge....let momma have some fun too."


How does the rest of the night go?

          Mom and I Continue On


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