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Big Melon Valley | TehSquirreleh | 3


Suddenly he lunged down, pinning his aunt's shoulders to the mat and trapping her in a pinning position, rubbing his aching erection at her leaking quim; trying to feel her through the too tight shorts she wore. Rachel moaned loudly and then blushed, trying to turn her eyes away from the man above her, she'd never think of him as a boy again. That's for sure!

"So Aunt Rachel, how's your love life been?" Ron asked, still grinning as he looked her over. His shorts bulged, trying to contain his hard cock and just looking over his aunt in her trapped position made a streak of pre leak out the head.

"Umpf! Well, I've been seeing this one guy on the force, but he's a bit puny for me. Desk jockey, I don't think he's even seen action before." Rachel moaned softly as her eyes locked onto her nephew's shorts, her tongue briefly snaking out to wet her lips while the ones below were getting soaked. 'Damn! When did my nephew get to be so big? And hunky!' She thought to herself, silently cursing her nipples as they perked up and poked against her tight shirt. Starting to breathe a bit harder, Rachel tried to move, but Ron held her down and kept her there.

"How big is he?" Ron cocked his head to the side and flashed a naughty grin across his lips, edging his hips up bringing the tent of his bulge over his aunt's covered cunt to which she moaned again before shaking her head and composing herself.

"RON! What kind of question is that to ask your auntie?! I...!" She trailed off and looked to her nephew's bulging arms, biting into her lower lip and sucking on it while she felt another gush of excitement wash over her body and her cheeks go a bright red. She had to admit, what she saw of her nephew's body wasn't bad and he was certainly better looking than the guy she was seeing now. With a soft groan, she tried to weakly shake Ron off, but her nephew just kept his grin on and held her down harder to the mat.

"C'mon, Aunt Rachel, how big is he?"

"I...I don't know!" She finally cried out and closed her eyes, trying desperately to fight off the incestuous thoughts racing through her head. Ron brought his hips down and started rubbing his erection against her, pressing against the tight shorts that she wore and even pressing inward to spread her lips apart a little bit. Rachel let out a gasp and arched her back, flinging her eyes open to look at Ron heatedly. "Now get off! You pinned me, alright?"

Ron would have loved nothing else than to get off at the moment, but he relinquished his grip on her shoulders and let her go, watching her get up and tug her shorts down to cover her ass as they'd ridden up during the tousling and turning. Crossing her arms beneath those massive mammaries, Aunt Rachel turned to look scornfully down at her nephew and tried to ignore the fact that during those few minutes alone with him, she'd gotten more turned on than she had been in the years since she'd joined the force. Not to mention he was far better looking than a great deal of the men around.

Lowering his gaze a bit, Ron thought he'd pushed the envelope a little too far this time, but soon Rachel's face softened and she bent down to lay a kiss to his forehead. "Hey, nice job. Not bad for a little guy, fetch my stuff from the car will you? I'll be taking a shower."

Ron's face lit up with the kiss and he grinned, rising to his feet. Trying to ignore the hurt feelings his cock was sending him, he tried to will it down on the trip up the stairs, passing by his father who was back on the couch and watching television like it was the only thing that mattered in the world. "Dipshit," Ron muttered on his way out the door and made his way to the driveway where Rachel's car was sitting. If there was one thing he loved about seeing his aunt come by, it was her giant tits. The second was her hot ride.

Looking like it was fresh off the lot, her car sat there, gleaming in the sunshine. Born off the assembly line more than 40 years ago, her baby still looked like it could take first in a car beauty pageant and in fact it had taken first place in several car shows. A 1969 Ford Mustang Mach One was parked in the driveway, deep purple in color with back racing stripes running down the hood and over the hard top while a pair of dark yellow lines ran down the sides all the way to the back.

Taking care, Ron removed his aunt's bags from the backseat and hurried back inside, finding their spare bedroom's bathroom already closed up and a light humming coming from behind the closed door. Setting his aunt's bags on the bed, Ron then took the time to ruffle through her discarded clothes and found her bra. "God damn! 38...Double H! It's a fuckin' wonder she can lug those things around and still be able to outdo her whole team on the training course." He fondled the empty cups, imagining his father's sister filling them out and moaning as he did so. His dick grew back to full mast in seconds and he looked to the closed door, hearing the shower begin to run and his aunt's humming turn to soft singing.

Stuffing her bra back under the pile of discarded clothes, Ron got up and sneaked over to the door, opening it up just a crack and peering inside. She looked amazing! Standing there under the cascading water, he got a great profile shot of those big ole fun bags as they stood out from her chest proudly and her thick, toned thighs running up to her sleek ass. Turning her back to the door, she began to soap up her amazing body and bent to start doing her legs while Ron gawked at the sight of her tight looking twat poking out from between her legs. Imagining himself in there with her, Ron began stroking himself through his pants.

Hearing a moan, Ron brought himself back and peered through the steam starting to rise throughout the room. Good Lord! She was masturbating! Right there in front of him!


Does Ron dare intrude on his aunt?

          Ron intrudes!


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