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School for Scandal | TehSquirreleh | 22


"From the looks of it, you've got yourself a plan to take care of that." Vino grinned down to the busty minx as she stood there, still breathing hard from her second climax in so many minutes. With a slow and deliberate movement, she brought her hands to his chest and started raking her nails across the dark skinned man's muscles. With a low purr rumbling out from between her lips, she looked back to him and flashed a sultry smile before stepping back.

"That I do. I was hoping that you would last this long and you certainly haven't disappointed me. Now, while I arrange my insides back to the way they were before your big ole cock rearranged them, let me introduce to you a woman that's wanted to meet you for awhile now. Dr. Vixen Sinclair? Will you please come in?"

Suddenly the doors to the boardroom opened and a collective gasp came from the ladies in attendance as the good doctor came in. Wearing nothing except for a pair of stockings and a pair of glasses perched up on her nose, the ultra stacked woman made her way directly to Vino who let out a groan as he watched her huge breasts bounce and let his eyes roam across her body, fixating on the way her hips swayed and her legs crisscrossed as she walked.

Coming to a stand before the man, she brazenly took hold of his monster member and began pumping her fists up and down the thick length, licking her lips and sending him a lewd glance. After some pumping of his sizeable member, Vixen let go and nodded her approval.

"Mister Krown, it's so nice to finally meet you. I've heard a lot about your adventures here at the school and I believe that you've got yourself some of the finest DNA around. With your acceptance, I'd like to take a sample of your sperm to the lab to test."

"Test for...what?" Vino asked, quite perplexed although ready to give a sample anyways.

"It's a complicated matter, but we at LUVVIT believe that you may harbor a gene. Not just any gene, but one that is named the Feierhohs gene. Without going into much detail, because I'm really looking forward to gathering a sample..." The doctor grinned and ran a hand down her trim belly to spread her wet lips apart and flash Vino the pink of her pussy, causing the man's phallus to suddenly jerk and let loose another ribbon of pre that went flying and smacking into Sinclair's belly. Vixen grinned again and wiped the gooey mess from her tanned flesh, raising it up to her lips so that she could taste and savor his flavor. "Mmm...We believe that you're descended from a prehistoric superhumanly endowed race of men called Feierhohs men. I'd like a sample to confirm."

Vino perked an eyebrow at the blonde woman and tilted his head back to ponder this for a few moments and then shrugged his broad shoulders, while he grinned. "Sounds like a plan to me, Miss Sinclair. I don't see a sample gathering instrument on you..." He said, looking all around the woman's form before she reached to the back of a thigh and pulled out a packet. To his eyes it looked like a regular condom and he let his lips drop into a frown at the notion. "Now, that's just a simple con-"

"Ah! To the untrained eye." Vixen interrupted and grinned and tore the package with her perfect teeth, kneeling down and taking out what looked to be a regular condom. Fitting the ring around the throbbing head of Vino's cock, she began unrolling the tube, not being able to help a little giggle come out as she explained. "This is one of my organization's achievements in the realm of sexual studies. It may look like a regular condom, but in fact this one can stretch and stretch and never tear. It also enhances the male experience while at the same time giving the woman a broader range of feeling. In essence, a super condom."

True to her word, what seemed like a normal sized condom, actually stretched to embrace the length and girth of the mammoth cock it surrounded. It also felt incredible. There must have been something coating the inside because it already felt like a warm, wet cunt was wrapped around his ready erection. And it felt like it was moving as well. As Vino began to open his mouth to talk, Vixen stood back up and placed a finger to his lips to stop him and then slipped her finger in as Vino closed his lips around the digit and sensually sucked and licked.

"Mmm, you don't need to tell me. I invented it; I know just what it feels like..." The blonde then turned and walked to table, bending her luscious body over and spreading her legs so that all that Vino saw was her arched back, toned thighs, and peachy ass as it stood out. Nestled between her legs, the inviting lips of her twat parted just enough to glisten in the light. "Go ahead and choose your hole, stud." Vixen purred and licked her full lips.

Needing no further encouragement, Mister Krown straightened up and walked himself to the unnatural blonde's body and placed his hands on her hips, bringing his own hips to bear his hard cock up and bobbing it between her lips and her ass, trying to decide which to please.


Which hole gets rammed?

          Her ass


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