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Amazing Adult Stories | TehSquirreleh | 9


Barely able to keep themselves from having another hot session in the street, Roxy and California finally made their way into the bathhouse's interior and almost immediately found themselves bathed in a damp heat that emanated out from further in. Behind the counter stood a short, fat, and balding man of about fifty with a grin plastered on his face at the sight of the huge boobed beauties that'd suddenly walked into his place of business.

"Welcome! Welcome!" He said, eyeing up their generous curves and lingering his gaze just a bit too long on Roxy's exposed tits. "Welcome to Otto's Baths! How may I help you?"

With a small smile, California moved up to the counter and leaned over, giving Roxy an excellent view of her voluptuous backside as it peaked out from her pants and the man behind the counter got a eyeful of cavernous cleavage with her breasts being barely held in by the stringy top. "Hey there, handsome." She purred out, "Otto doesn't happen to be around, hmm? You see, my friend and I are...Otto!" California squealed as a man appeared behind the fat one, this one of a vastly different build.

Tall, dark, and very handsome, Otto grinned as he crossed his massive arms across an equally broad chest as he towered over the other man. Shooing him off to the back, Otto then turned back to the lovelies that were gracing his place of business and placed his big hands on the counter to lean himself like California only hanging above her by at least a foot, if not more.

"Oooo. I like him!" Roxy cooed seductively and sashayed her hips as she came up to the brunette's side and took a moment to look him over. Standing about seven feet in height, although he was probably closer to six foot and nine inches tall, the muscular giant was an impressive specimen of man. Dark skin laid across layers of muscle, nearly everything on him bulged except for a trim stomach and fine backside. Otto held a roguish charm about his face with a beard of stubble that had just begun to turn white with age and a full head of hair that was a respectable and very charming salt and pepper in color. It looked like he was sweating and indeed a few hairs had plastered themselves to his forehead in the damp heat. A loose shirt was draped over his shoulder, allowing his bare and muscular chest to be on display.

"Trust me; he fucks as good as he looks. Don't you, Otto?" California grinned and reached up to draw the big man's head down so that she could lay a kiss to his full lips.

"That I do, Love." He chuckled and both the women felt themselves immediately go wet with desire as the rich baritone of his voice rumbled through them. "I trust that you're here to clean yourselves up, either that, or Ms. Love here has brought you in to test my endurance. Either way." He shrugged and flashed them a brilliant white smile.

The brunette turned to the blonde and motioned down, mouthing the word "big" in a very pronounced way and as Roxy lent over to see for herself, there was indeed a huge bulge pressing against the front of Otto's pants. Widening her eyes at the prospect of such a manhood being brought out in the open, Roxy then leaned back and wiped some of the sweat forming on her brow off, then looked up and licked her lips at Otto.

With a chuckle, the brunette then turned back to the man and gave him another kiss before letting him go and leaning off the counter. "Otto, we need your finest accommodations and for you to join us, Roxy here wants to eat my cunt while a big cock fucks my ass. And I want to see how she takes your cock while I watch."
"I think that can be arranged."

"Goodie!" Roxy chimed in as she clapped her hands together excitedly and then turned to Love, wrapping her arms around the other's neck and drawing her in for strong kiss while Roxy's hands slid down to cup and knead at her lover's grand arse.

Returning the kiss, California let her hands slip down to her lover's twat, inserting her fingers into the blonde and rubbing at her clit furiously before drawing back with a grin. Grabbing her lover's hand, she tugged her on into the door that Otto was holding open for them and he followed the pair in. All around them, a persistent heat and wetness dragged their clothing down and made it hard to move, but soon enough the three of them were in a large, open space.

Along the walls were either open or closed doors, showing various patrons using the baths as they liked and even as they passed some of the open doors, the sounds and sights of men using paid for whores were plentiful enough. Crossing paths with the fat man from before, this time he was carrying towels, Otto sent him to tend to the front again while he made off with the two beautiful women even further down the hall to an extravagantly appointed room. An artificial waterfall filled a large pool with waist height water while all around them were exotic plants and pillars and furniture including chairs and couches.

A sweet scent filled the air and candles dimly lit the entire room. Love and Roxy began to undress each other while Otto stood and watched with a big grin. As soon as the pair was done giggling and caressing each other's sensual curves, they turned to the big man with sultry smiles and made their way over to him, going to their knees while Otto's shirt was dropped to the ground and they began to run their hands along his thickly muscled legs encased in denim.


Who gets Otto first?



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