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Amazing Adult Stories | TehSquirreleh | 7


As she came down from the orgasmic high of her climax, California found Roxy to have climbed up next to her with a grin spreading her lusciously thick lips apart and flashing her pearly whites while Love's juices coated most of her face's lower half. Taking the woman's head in both hands, she brought her in for a deep and passionate kiss, pushing her tongue between the woman's lips to twist and tangle their tongues together while she maneuvered them into a new position. Now California was on top of Roxy and rubbing her body against the blonde's, smearing her juices against and over her twat while one of Love's hands came down to grab and knead Roxy's massive tits.

Taking a dark nipple betwixt forefinger and thumb, she started to twist and pinch the little nub until Roxy began grunting and moaning into their kiss. Keeping up the assault on the blonde's tit, California then shimmied herself down the other's body to suckle on the other breast as a contrast. Pain and pleasure rocked Roxy's body so that she was alternating between horny screams of pleasure and lust filled moans of bliss. Releasing both breasts from her grip and mouth, the brunette looked up at her lover while kissing down her body and finally arriving at the frothing cunt of Roxy. California took a moment to spread the outer lips apart and watch as the inner lips twitched and convulsed, sending out gushers of juices onto the bed.

Not wanting to make the babe wait any further, the huge boobed brunette dived between the spread legs and viciously attacked her lover's cunt with her mouth. Lapping up the spilt juices like a kitten hungry for milk, she quickly cleaned the area around before driving her tongue as deep as it would go into Roxy. Swirling it around her inner walls, she was soon trapped there as Roxy clamped her thighs around Love's head and began rocking her body up and down on the bed as she grabbed handfuls of the sheets beneath her.

Letting out loud moans and groans of pure pleasure, the blonde was lost in the sensation as California dutifully and beautifully brought her closer and closer to the edge of climax. It was only polite to reciprocate the action and Love was more than happy to oblige her friend as she continued to work her tongue around and inside Roxy's cunt. Of course it was only a matter of time when the girl would end up letting loose and to bring her to orgasm quicker, California reached up and fingered around the blonde's backside. Slipping her finger between the girl's cheeks, she found the puckered rosebud and quickly shoved the digit into Roxy's rectum, causing the moaning woman to suddenly arch her back and let out a screech the rocked the window pane and caused some of the passersby below to stop and look to the open balcony doors.

The mega vixen convulsed and shuddered atop the bed, her nails nearly tearing the fine sheets in her grasp to ribbons while California's tongue brought her off to a world rocking climax. Meanwhile, the brunette found herself trapped between the toned thighs of her lover as she gushed out her girlcum, California's face literally drenched with the outpouring of juices. Nearly suffocating, Roxy's legs relaxed in the nick of time to let the brunette out. Dragging herself back up the blonde's body as she was still recovering, Love's lips met Roxy's and they shared another passionate kiss while their hands caressed each other's amazing body and flowed along the womanly curves that each possessed.

"Mmm, now that..felt amazing..." Roxy let out with a sigh and let her head fall back onto the bed and twist to look out the open doors.

"Just letting you know how you made me feel, darlin'."

With a soft chuckle, Roxy turned back to California and drew her hands up to drift along the curve of the other's chest and to gently curl her fingers around the back of her neck. "So, will you help me?"

"The depends on what you need help with, however...I'm more than happy to accompany you for now. It's dangerous out here for a woman. The two of us together are more than likely to last longer if we head out together." Love smiled and tenderly kissed along the neck of Roxy, who let out a coo of delight.

"Excellent. How much time do you need to get going?"

"I'm sure that the both of us could use a bath, how about we head to the local bathhouse and treat ourselves to a little something special? I know a guy down at the place, he'd be more than happy to let us in."

"Oh, good! Then let's get going." Roxy said with a smile and got up off the bed, helping Love up with and taking the opportunity to steal another passionate kiss before dressing herself back up and gathering her holster to snap it back into place. California did the same and threw on her coat, whistling at the other as she dressed and tossed her a quick wink.

Soon the busty duo were off after California paid the innkeeper for some of the mess that they'd made and they made their way through the streets of Garrison, dodging riders of horseback, horny cowboys trying to pick them up, and one old man who'd let down his britches at the sight of the women together and started stroking himself right there. They giggled and shook their heads, waving to the old timer before he was caught by the local sheriff and dragged out of the street to get his clothes back on.


Onto the bathhouse or skip ahead to adventure?

          To the bathhouse


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