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Amazing Adult Stories | TehSquirreleh | 5


"We'll see what you can be removing later, right now I'm wondering what's brought you here and to be more specific, what's brought you to my room?" Love eyed the busty slut before her in a somewhat salacious manner. It'd been a long time since she was with another woman, but this one might just be worth going for. She certainly had a lot of nice qualities about her, two of which Ms. Love was practically drooling over and wanting to get more hands on with. In fact, she missed out on Roxy's first few words and had to stop her. "I'm sorry, what?" She asked a little shyly.

"I said..." Roxy continued again, "I'm here to meet with you about a certain matter. Word is that you're quite the bounty hunter, able to bring in some of the toughest men out there like they were nothin'."

"I've been known to bring in a man or two, yes, why? Are you looking for one?"

"Well, yes and no. It's a personal thing, one I'm not willing to discuss yet. I'm just lookin' for the woman who brought in "Mad Dog" McMillan."

"You found her." California smiled and made her way over to the bed, sitting down on the rumpled sheets and inviting Roxy over with a pat on the mattress next to her, not bothering to cover up since the woman herself wasn't much into wearing clothes. Something she admired. Her own outfit consisted of some low riding leathers and a barely there top which might have looked perfect for the beach, but out in the desert, it was just a tiny piece of string that held two circular pieces of cloth that covered her nipples up. Not to mention a hat and a long trench-coat that she sometimes wore when she felt covering up was needed.

Roxy grinned and made her way over to the bed, braless breasts bouncing as she did so, and sat down next to the nude Love. She brazenly laid a hand on Love's thick thigh and started stroking her fingertips up and down the smooth skin, dragging her nails along the dark woman's leg while grinning seductively to her. Without a word, Roxy leaned in close to Love's ear and gave it a lick while she got rid of the green poncho in one swift movement. Dropping her pistol to the bed sheets, but still keeping her hand on it, California turned to the woman beside her with a soft laugh and reached up with her free hand to cup the other's cheek and bring her in for a light, teasing kiss.

After breaking away, Ms. Love spread her legs a little and let her hand drop down to Roxy's on her thigh, grasping the woman's hand gently and guiding her wandering fingers to Love's soaked nether lips while she gave Roxy a tempting lick of her lips. "Now then, what is it you wanted from me again?" Asked the brunette, not letting go of the blonde temptress's hand or her pistol.

"Well, at the moment, I want you. However, there's also some business to discuss. That needs to come later, I need to cum now."

With that Roxy leaned down and opened her mouth, taking the dark nipple of California's breast into her mouth and sucking tenderly on the flesh while her fingers buried themselves between the lips of the brunette's twat, to which California moaned and spread her legs even farther apart, leaning back so the blonde could take on her duties without her body getting in the way. Combing her hand through her hair, Ms. Love quickly forgot about the stud that she was going to go out and get and instead decided to focus on her newfound friend. Dropping her gun and letting that hand run up and down the blonde minx's back, she let out a low groan and began to pant as Roxy's fingers were soon pumping into her tight pussy, her inner walls contracting along the intruding digits and trying to draw them further in.


What happens next?

          Roxy gets a mouthful of Love


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