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School for Scandal | TehSquirreleh | 20


With his meaty cock resting against Kendra's squirming body, Vino gave a grin down to the buxom vixen and proceeded to draw his hips back and allow the crown of his cock to enter her twitching cunt. Grunting at her tightness, he started to saw himself in and out, using only the head to spread and stretch her out before withdrawing back. Gathering up her juices on his colossal cock and ignoring her pleads to stick it in all the way, he kept up the rhythm of only giving her the first inch of two before drawing out completely.

Lifting her legs up high, Vino then proceeded to turn Kendra upward until her delicious ass was aimed upward at his throbbing cock and he could see the puckered orifice clenching madly as if trying to draw him in by sheer will. Placing the tip of his cock at Kendra's ass, he smeared her juices all around the ring before pushing himself squarely at the clenching hole, drawing a loud gasp from Kendra and then a groan as she felt the head begin to push into her backdoor.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh -fuck-!" She screamed, sending her hands clawing at the table and then reaching up, kneading her massive breasts while Vino's monster of a cock pushed and spread her ass in a way that she'd never had done before. The girth alone was making her delirious with lust as she bent her head to look at him, panting heavily and contorting her face, lips going into a grin while her eyes hooded themselves to send a sultry stare at her muscle bound lover. "Fuck my ass, Vino. Fuck it, come on you big stud, I'm craving that big cock!"

With a loud groan as his response, he rammed his first few inches into Kendra. Savoring the feeling of the dark woman's rectum wrapped around his bucking cock, Vino lent down to mash their chests together again and let go of her legs to wrap his arms around her waist and draw her up into a sitting position. Then he backed them away from the table until Kendra was sitting on just his cock alone and he began to thrust upwards, holding her firmly while his legs and back supported their combined weight.

"Oh god! Ungh! Fuck me! Fuck me!" Kendra screamed her mantra out to the rest of the room most of which were enthralled by the scene before them. Rubbing themselves through the material of their latex suits or abandoning their bottoms all together and diving their fingers into their soaking twats and furiously trying to get off while Vino power-fucked the helpless Kendra.

Panting roughly, he could only manage out a few muttered curses and praises of how tight her ass was as he continued to pump away, but that was interrupted by a loud scream as Kendra erupted in another orgasm. Her bald cunt twitched against his belly, sending out a fresh wave of juices to splash against his defined abdomen and dribble down over his bull sized balls giving just enough lubrication so that he could fit the entire length of his cock in.

"Feels like heaven! Ohhhhh! Yes! Yes!" Kendra kept her encouragement going, feeling another orgasm coming just from riding the previous one out just as Vino was ready to let loose a big load as well. Feeling his sack tighten, it was only a few more thrusts until he let out a guttural grunt, sending his seed spewing into the back of Kendra's ass with so much force she could swear she caught a hint of it in the back of her throat.

Dislodging himself from the climaxing body of Kendra, he let her lay back onto the table while he brought his throbbing tool back onto her belly with a hefty and resounding "Smack!". With a groan, he let the rest of his sizeable load out onto Kendra's belly and tits, almost covering the both with a translucent sheen of white that spurted from his bucking cock head like a fountain.


And then?

          More fucking


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