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Amazing Adult Stories | TehSquirreleh | 3


It's hard to escape the harsh light of the desert sun, even indoors, and that's exactly what Miss Love was trying to do. She rolled around on the bed, tangled herself in the covers, pulled pillows this way and that to try and block the bright light that streamed in through the balcony window. Finally after a few minutes of fruitless tossing and turning, she got up from the bed, and wrapped a sheet around her buxom body so that she could stroll to the balcony, throw open the doors, and walk out into the midday light.

A small fortune had been spent on obtaining this room and she'd not regretted it as her lover from the previous night had given her a good, long, and hard night of rough fucking that she'd not soon forget. Looking out over the small town of Garrison from the top floor, she leant over the railing and watched the day to day activity, the riders on horses, a stagecoach being pulled through town, and the people all going about their business.

Receiving a few catcalls from down below made the deeply tanned woman look down to see a group of grinning cowboys, all looking up to her leaning over. With a confident smirk, one of them grabbed at his bulging crotch and lewdly licked his lips to which she just smiled and gave a roll of her eyes.

"Mighty fine balcony you're sportin' there miss!"

"Thanks, cowboy, looks like your packin' quite the pistol," California grinned down to the man who pulled his pants up tightly to emphasize the size of the bulge in his jeans before he tipped his hat to her.

"I'd be honored if ya let me show it to yer sometime, lovely. Ain't got no complaints yet about it!"

"Oh goody, then let me be the first to bestow you that honor."

California grinned again, showing off her canines to the man before she went back into her room and let the sheet down back onto the bed, exposing her ultra curvy body to the warm sunshine that was flooding the room now that she'd opened up the room. Petite feet led up to a pair of long, shapely legs that were smooth from constant care and muscled from her many days of riding a horse. And not always the animal kind. Wide hips and an absolutely stunning ass that filled out her tight pants well went up to a flat tummy and then to a set of gravity defying breasts. Huge and round, sagging only a bit from their sheer weight, her tits were probably her best asset and she loved to use them to get what she wanted.

In fact, she had done just that last night. First to get an expensive room at the regular rate and then to tempt a well hung stud into joining her for the night. Miss Love wasn't afraid to be a bit slutty, hell, she could even be a downright whore if it suited to get her something good. She ran her hands through her long, dark hair, perfectly straight and alluring from the natural sheen it gave off when the light hit it just right and then looked into the mirror to her beautiful face and licked her full, pouty lips. Now where did that stud get himself to?

Her little kitty started to get excited from thinking about him last night and she could feel the occasional twinge her bald, wet lips gave when she remembered just how big the man was and what it felt like to be rammed into over and over again until he dumped a huge load inside her sinful body. Damn! She really needed him right now and yet he was nowhere to be found.

Suddenly the door to her room began to open and she instinctively reached over to where her holstered Colt lay, quickly drawing the weapon and pointing it at the door as her finger tightened on the trigger.

"Who's there?" She purred as she prepared to fire...


Who's at the door?

          A beautiful big-titted blonde


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