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School for Scandal | TehSquirreleh | 20


Vino awoke with a jerk and sat upright in bed. His body was covered in sweat and the silky sheets were tossed about on the bed, only giving him a minor bit of coverage between the legs as his monster of a cock stood straight from his pelvis and was drooling pre at a fast rate. "Damn," he thought, and stroked a hand along his chin as he surveyed his new apartment and the well furnished surroundings, "..It was all a dream? This is going to be one hell of a day."

Chuckling, he laid back and wrapped a big hand around the thick root of his cock, stroking the massive thing. Taking his time and luxuriating in the pleasure as it began to build, he jerked his hips up and thrust into his hand's motion. Just as he was about to climax, a shadow caught his attention out of the corner of his eye and he stopped jerking, looking to the doorway. In there stood Kendra, in all her curvaceous glory, wearing a conservative suit that looked absolutely ridiculous on her well endowed frame. With a slow roll of her hips, she seductively came to the bed as Vino rolled over and pushed himself up on the edge to sit and face her with a smile.

"Hey, sleepyhead. You've got classes in only an hour.." Her eyes drifted down to the big drooling head of his cock and she sighed longingly, dropping to her knees before him and slowly dragging her tongue along the huge tip. Gathering up what she could, Kendra swallowed her mouthful and then latched her thick lips onto Vino's erection. Skipping pretense, she immediately began to deep throat the massive shaft with quick, short bobs of her head and with a groan Vino laid a hand on her head. Her hair had been done up in a severe looking bun at the back and he gripped his fingers in tightly, thrusting his hips to meet her lips.

It didn't take long until he came, giving only a grunt as a warning with the first shots filling Kendra's gullet before she could pull back and gather the next spurts in her mouth. Even then, his load was too much to handle and she pulled off with a cough, causing his voluminous jets of semen to splatter across her face in streaks of white. Laughing lightly, Kendra scooped the cum from her face and licked her fingers clean then returned her lips to Vino's still hard, albeit not as hard as before, member. She then looked up with those amazing eyes and winked, getting up from her knelt position and sauntered away to the doorway.

"Thanks for breakfast, stud. I've got your uniform all ready out here, wear it, and only it. Nothing extra or else it disrupts the look. I'm sure I'll see you around throughout the day." And with that, she smirked, turned, and walked out the doorway. Several moments later, Vino heard the door to his apartment open and close.

After a nice shower, he walked out into the living room and discovered exactly what Kendra was talking about. It was the same outfit from his dream, tight lycra shirt and shorts. Vino scratched the back of his head and shrugged, putting on the outfit and heading out.

Today was going to be an interesting day alright.


Is it going to be all he thought it was?


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