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School for Scandal | TehSquirreleh | 18


As Gemma rode the last waves of pleasure from her powerful orgasm, Vino stumbled backward to take a seat on the chair he was previously occupying and started stroking his juice slicked cock which refused to go down. Just then, Laura appeared carrying a cooler and still bottomless, with Vino's dried sperm on her thighs. Seeing Gemma on the ground and the load left on her face and tits, she smiled and put the cooler down by the table as some more students were coming around the bend.

"Wow! It looks like you two had a great time," Laura said with a smile as she got down to her knees in front of the man with the colossal erection, beginning to run her tongue along the vast underside and tickle the helmeted head. Vino responded with a grunt and a small moan, his cock twitching with the licks and sending out a rocket of pre which shot up into the air and then landed on Laura's face. With a giggle, she patted his cock and got back up, extending a hand to the man. "Alright, hunk, on your feet. You've been called back in. Something about a meeting...I don't know."

He took hold of her hand and shrugged. "Better not keep them waiting then, I trust you can keep up with the rest of the student's. I'll see you around, Laura, and that's a great look you're sporting as well," He grinned and retrieved his clothing, stuffing himself back into the small pants and top that had been assigned to him.
Getting to the meeting room, thanks to the directions of the stacked secretary and not to mention getting another taste of the blonde's expertise by blowing a load down her throat, Vino turned the door's knob and stepped inside. Out of nowhere came a shouted "Vino!" and an excited squeal, followed by the fast clacking of heels on the floor and Kendra tossing herself at the broad bodied man. She threw her arms around his neck and hugging herself close to him and laid a kiss to his cheek while he turned with a big grin to return the hug.

After he bent down to give the woman a rise into the air with his hug, he let her go and took note of the others in the room. All women. All exquisitely dressed in pvc and latex gear that made sure to show off their buxom bodies and generous curves. And all of them staring quite hungrily at Vino as if he was a prime, grade A piece of meat among a pack of wolves.


Everyone's attention snapped to Kendra as she addressed the group and led Vino up to the front of them room, "This is Mister Krown, whom I have had the great pleasure of meeting and testing out." This garnered a soft laugh from all gathered and Vino smirked to Kendra who flashed him a bright grin before getting serious again and turning back to the women at the table.

"As you can see, he's in excellent shape for a man of 40 years old and he still retains the sexual stamina of a teenager, as well as being given our 'special' pills for the male members of our staff, I'm sure that you can imagine what his potential is."

At this point, Vino felt the Nurse Pennyweather's pills start to take effect on him once more, the fat length of his cock starting to bulge outward from his short pants, stretching down the length of his inside thigh and the huge head snaking out to peek out from the thigh. Some of the women began to notice and once there was a gasp of surprise, all eyes turned toward to the ballooning pants. Kendra grinned at the attention Vino elicited and walked up to him, sliding her hand down his pants to grab the thick root of his cock and start jerking him off slowly.

"He's also a -very- gifted man. Not only in the pants, but in the bedroom as well. Aren't you honey?" She asked, purring out the last words next to his ear as her fingers worked his pants down to let the full length of his penis come free and unfurl for the all the other girls to see. Sixteen, full, hard, throbbing inches and the thickness of a coke can greeted the ladies as well as a reflexive squirt of pre-cum that caused Vino to moan as the long, thick streamer landed across the table.



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