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School for Scandal | TehSquirreleh | 16


Tempted by the prospect of more time with his new coworker, Vino nearly missed the sight of a young woman rounding around the last group of hills and quickly running up to the sweaty pair. Laura looked over her shoulder and threw a quick frown at the approaching student then got to her feet to plant a kiss on Vino’s cheek and trace a finger along the underside of his massive cock as it let out an excited buck and spit a hot trace of pre onto her wrist. As she brought the arm up to lick away the mess, the student came into clearer view and he could clearly make out the shape of a lovely young woman.

As was customary with most of the women at this school this one was no different in terms of awe inspiring beauty or measurements and she was clearly preceded by a pair of mountainous breasts on a small frame, though she held a plentiful curve of the hips as well. She slowed to a walk and came up Laura with a big smile on her lips and a look to Vino as if to say with her eyes “Is that my prize for coming in first?”

Not even bothering to bring her sports bra back over her chest, Ms. Hart sauntered over to take the young woman by her right hand and start leading her over to Vino as he took a seat. Breaking just under five feet, she had a distinct Asian look to her face and her skin was a dark shade of tan that made her jet black hair stand out, even more-so with the purple and green strands here and there among the dark length. Rivaling Laura in terms of chest size, maybe even bigger than the gym teacher herself, she swayed her lovely hips from side to side and came to a stop in front of Vino’s chair.

“I thought you might be the first to finish, Gemma, you’ve really been working on your legs as of late. This is Mister Krown and he will be your reward for coming in first today, he’s also our new gym instructor,” Laura said and then looked to Vino, “He’s also a great fuck as I’ve just had the pleasure of seeing for myself. I’ll let you two get to it and find some refreshments for the other students. Have fun~,” she lilted, walking away with Vino’s load leaking between her thighs.

Gemma looked over her prize with a distinct hungry gaze before lowering herself to her knees and starting to lick up the veiny length that rose up from Vino’s groin. Between licks, she kissed and suckled various parts of his cock and spoke to him, “Mm, nice to meet you, Mister Krown…Mmph, you have a delicious cock, I can’t wait to have this monster…Ahn…pounding my tight, little, cunt.”

To that Vino let out a breathy moan and tipped his head back to whisper a prayer under his breath to whatever powers that be for this vision in front of him before bringing his hands down to comb through her luxurious hair and tip her head back for him to gaze into her eyes.

“And it’s my pleasure to have you, Gemma. And just how would you like me to deliver your prize, hm?

“Oh!” She giggled and got back to her feet, stripping off her shorts over her toned legs and then straddling his lap, rubbing her wet lips along the base of his cock and then standing to let that thick tip spread her lips apart and she slowly began to sink him in.

“My parents, mm,” she let out a little moan, slipping another inch into the tight confines of her wet pussy, “Oh fuck yeah, they…they own a ranch, sir.” Gemma grinned and sank another inch in, Vino groaned with the clenching pressure she exerted onto the rock hard pillar of flesh. “So I’m a real cowgirl fan,” Gemma giggled and then set about rising up and off the giant cock before pushing herself back down its length and getting another few inches in.

Vino left it at that, settling his hands under the tight sports bra top and fondling each of the massive breasts squashed tightly together under the cotton, pinching her nipples and rolling them between forefinger and thumb before finally ripping off her top and letting those tanned mountains free to bounce and jiggle with her movements. Gemma was able to manage another few inches in before she grunted and hunched over, grabbing onto Vino’s broad chest and raking her hands down the expanse of muscle. A juice started leaking out and around Vino’s cock as it was lodged deep within her tight grasp.

Letting out a gasp for her breath, she looked back up into his eyes and grinned even more broadly than before, raising herself up until only the tip remained and then slammed back down, the extra juices helping her to sink down until Vino could feel the very tip of his cock being bumped against the young woman’s cervix. “Good God, Vino, you just made me cum and we haven’t been at it for more than a few minutes,” Gemma said with a wild look of lust in her eyes and began to ride him in earnest, every time she came back down, hitting the same spot again and again.


Does Gemma get to have Vino all to herself some more?

          Oh yes


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