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Welcome to the Centre Bell arena in Montreal, Canada. Where we have the oil wrestling league. The BWL wil have their wrestling tournament.

To see who is the best sexfighter, male or female (and which gender is the better sexfighter), the contest will be a sexfight-tournament.

It is a local tradition that the girls will enter, sitting on her boyfriend’s shoulders. And if a girl wins, she’ll be carried outside the ring, sitting on her boyfriend’s back. A man will enter the ring assisted by his girl, she is around him and guides him to the ring. Lesbian girls can decide what to do, let the heavier girl be a pony for the thinner girl, and do a shoulder ride afterwards, or just enter as a man does.

If two men will be scheduled against each other, Jenn will fight them both. The man who’ll beat her will be in the next round, if the other man loses. If they lose both, Jenn will be in the tournament. And if they both win, Olivier will wrestle them in a boxing match.
The lovers will soak the bodies of the wrestlers in and do have the right to make them orgasm.
Rules : a male or female contestant will lose the fight if he/she'll have an orgasm.
The loser must give the winner her ultimate surrender, if the winner will give permission. The winner (and eventually his/her lover) have permission to have a victory fuck with the loser (and his/her lover).

Let’s introduce the wrestlers :

Ladies :

Tania - 38, blonde with blue eyes, fondateuse of the BWL and current boss, 6”10, 152 lbs, firmest butt in the league, dated Don and Brad. Currently dating Paul.
Kim - 30, Asian girl with black hair, 6”7, 138 lbs, owner of company "Heiress world", sexfighter, fucked almost every man in the league, had an on and off relationship with Don and is dating Miesje (26).
Sophie - 29, pink hair, 6”10, 158 lbs, former cheerleader, had Amber as her sexslave and dated Regine & Jolene (25) and is dating Eduardo.
Denise - 31, red hair, 6”9, 155 lbs, old rival of Tania since highschool, dated Regine and Olivier and is dating swedish model Mickaël (a.k.a Mike, 29)
Regine - 28, ebony skinned, former stripper & poledancer, 6”10, 162 lbs, big breasts, from Martinique, dated Sophie, Paul and Denise, is dating Olivier.
Louise - 33, black hair, former 6”8, 144 lbs, lesbian who retired a while, dated Vannessa (25) and nurse Jolene. girlfriend is France's ex-lover : Suzanne
Kandice - 22, black with blond hair, former tennis player. 6”9, 136 lbs. Thin rookie who has dated Paul and is dating Petr.
France - 32, brunette, fitness-guru. 6”10, 166 lbs. melons of breasts, lesbian who dated Suzanne (28), Michelle (21) and is dating Giselle (27).
Mimi - 26, former bodybuilder. blond hair, 6”9, 160 lbs, very muscular body, let Louise retire, has dated Eduardo and is dating Don.
Jennifer - 27, blond hair, former employee of Kim's company, 6”11, 145 lbs, tries to steal every man in the league, has dated David and Paul. Is dating David.
Caribe - 39, Bahamian bombshell, current porn-star 6”9, 169 lbs, oldest wrestler & biggest breasts in the league, has dated Eduardo and Paul, is dating Brazilian porn actor Sergio Carlos (23).
Cindy- 35, black hair and sportshoes, 6”10, 146 lbs, was married to David, now dates Brad.

Men :

Paul - 36, black hunk, former linebacker, 7”1, 245 lbs, very strong, and likes to fuck every beaten opponent, dated Giselle (27), Jenn, Caribe, Kandice and Regine, currently dating Tania.
Eduardo - 34, Argentinian Adonis, was a torreador, 7”2, 235 lbs, musculared, especially between his legs, has dated Caribe and Mimi, currently dates Sophie.
Don - 37, was drafted for the NBA, bald white hunk, 6”11, 230 lbs, musculared and is willing to humiliate his opponent, dated Tania, had an on and off relationship with Kim and is dating Mimi.
Brad - 35, former golf player, blond hair, 6”11, 225 lbs, focuses on wrestling instead of sex, collects g-strings of beaten girls, has dated Tania and is dating Cindy.
Olivier - 29, small curls, 7”1, 210 lbs, has wrestled a lot of girls in his career, has dated Denise and is dating Regine.
Petr - 28, fomer hockey player, Czech heritage, 7”0, 228 lbs, has dated Amber, but lost her to Sophie and is dating Kandice.
Matt - 26, has been a quarterback, long brown hair and beard + moustache, 6”9, 223 lbs, is interested in other girls, although he has dated Diane (23), he currently dates oil ring MC Devon (25).
David - 33, former poker star, curly black hair, 6”9, 220 lbs. Was married to Cindy, but distracted by other girls, dates Jennifer now.

(BWL nurse Jolene has Megan (29) as her lover).

round of 16 :

Tania vs Matt
Regine vs Louise
Kim vs Don
Caribe vs Paul

Sophie vs Kandice
France vs David
Denise vs Brad
Mimi vs Eduardo

our MC will be Devon (she does the pre-interviews), our nurse will be Jolene, our referee will be Theo. Olivier will be our host, Jenn will sit next to him and analyze the fights.


How will Tania and Matt enter the ring?

          watch Kandice and Sophie first


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