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About chibbert








When I'm not writing erotica I like to

play video games, watch movies and work a lot.

When I'm not reading erotica I like to read

news websites about technology or video games or wikipedia

My favorite word for "penis" is


My favorite word for "vagina" is


I write erotica because

its a creative outlet and I can shape the outcome of the stories. For a long time, I was an avid reader at a mcstoies website and eventually I started to think, "Man, if I had that power, I would totally have ____" and I came across Chyoo. Enough said :)

In conclusion, I am

pervert :P who likes asian girls, oral sex, hypnosis and mind control. My perverted dream/fantasy would be to hypnotize my girlfriend and make her crave my semen orally and need doses every 6-24 hours? Also remove her gag reflex through hypnosis hehe.


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