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About XxxKittiexxX






United States


When I'm not writing erotica I like to

party my ass off.

When I'm not reading erotica I like to read

HEY!!! I'm still partying. (umm, I read horror, true crime, also random novels, whatever)

My favorite word for "penis" is


My favorite word for "vagina" is


I write erotica because

getting hot and bothered and then getting off is wonderful. I want to try at least to help someone else with that.

In conclusion, I am

alittle sex-obsessed, part wanton slut. I love rough wild sex with lots of dirty talk. I have a thing about control. I enjoy stories of non-consent, mature, incest(just in stories thought), BtVs(Buffy forever!), and just lots of juicy, yummy sex.


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