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A Fallen Innocent Mom | getter | 4


With a dozen questions on his mind, John decides to go inside the strip club and investigate what his mother is doing here. Don’t want his mother to find out he’s being following her, John waited about a couple minutes before entering the club, he also grab one of his baseball cap in his car and wear it inside so no one can see his face clearly.

Once inside John was greeted by a dozen of sexy lady wearing nothing but revealing bikini and underwear, John have never been to a strip club before so he was very nervous. Not wanting to get any attention, he choose a table on the corner and sit down. Once he is seated, Johns eyes were busy looking around inside the club try to find his mother. However his mother is nowhere to found. Then suddenly John hear a huge cheer near the dancing stage, where there were two naked lady dancing when he enter, but now the stage is empty. John can hear the crowd of men are cheering for the next show.


What happen next?

          Oh my God!


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