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A Bet Leads To Domination In The Office | masbdsm | 12


“About frigging time girl, where have you been? Doe demands

Clarice starts to explain but is interrupted by Doe

“That was a rhetorical question, I don't care what you have been doing, your late!” Doe snaps as she stands up and grabs the crop, leaving the bitch underneath her gasping for air. “Crawl over and tease the bitch with your tongue until she is wet. I want her begging for release in short order, or you will be the one doing the begging.”

Straining to get a look at the girl on girl, you can only see shadows and outlines.

“On your knees girl, and spread your legs.” Doe orders. You hear a loud smack. “Spread em!” Doe barks, obviously lashing her again.

Someone is moaning, and you can just make out Clarice, her ass high into the air.

Nearly mad with lust, your cock throbs and jumps from hearing Doe dominate and humiliate the two women. Your shifting around has slid the blindfold slightly, giving you a better view. As if in slow motion your brain records the scene in front of you.

Doe stands behind and slightly to the side of Clarice, with legs slightly apart. Her firm breasts and erect nipples jiggle slightly as she flogs Clarice's nether region. Shaved, swollen sex glistening with moisture.

You watch in amazement as Clarice thrusts her sex upward to meet the whistling crop, obviously enjoying the ministrations of her Mistress. Face buried deep in the bitch's sopping cunt, then out to lick and tease. Tongue fucking her pussy, then out to meet the crop, forward yet again.

Doe rubs the butt end of the crop all around Clarice's sex. A muffled moan escapes Clarice as she desperately tries to wrap her pussy around it. “I don't hear any begging yet!” Doe says coldly, withdrawing the crop.

Changing tactics, Clarice licks the sluts ass while massaging her clit. Reaching up she rolls one of the sluts nipples between her thumb and forefinger, while trying to force her tongue deep into the sluts hole.

Losing control, the Slut humps her ass toward Clarice while moaning and begging. “oh god yes fuck my ass with your tongue! Please Mistress, may I cum now?

“Not yet slut! Heel girl.”

Clarice immediately moves to Doe's side, kneeling with bum on heels, knees spread and hands behind her back. Her face flushed from the exertion and glistening from the moisture of the Slut's sex. Heaving chest, erect nipples, dripping pussy all attesting to the scope of her lust.

Doe notices that your blindfold has slipped and you are watching her expertly tease and use the two women. “Don't worry boy pet, you will get yours soon enough.” Doe says as she drags the crop across Clarice's hard nipples, eliciting a groan of desperate need from Clarice. “Well done girl, you will be rewarded...later.”

Helpless and nearly drooling with need, your swollen cock twitches, searching for something, anything to touch. Moaning, you push your hips into the air, vainly trying to simulate fucking a pussy. “Please Mistress!” you whisper hoarsely.

“Please what, boy toy?” Doe asks

“Please let me cum Mistress.” You beg.

“Sure, you may cum if you can slut.” Clarice says with a cruel smile. “Knock yourself out, but you will be swallowing it when your done.”

Taken aback, your cock wilts a bit as you fight the desire to ejaculate and the fear of her punishment.

Doe struts over to straddle the Slut, open legs exposing her swollen pussy lips. “Are you ready to service me properly now slut?” Doe asks as she flicks the crop across the sluts nipples.

“Yes Mistress” the slut sobs “How may I please you Mistress?”

“Kneel between my legs, face up and tongue out. I wish to fuck your face.” Doe grasps the sluts hair, guiding her tongue to tease her swollen sex. “Girl, you will tease that cock. Do not let him cum, I want to hear him beg for release.”

“Yes Mistress.” Clarice says and grins “Thank You Mistress.”


Clarice teases or tortures?


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