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A College Game | ponyboy | 6


The man told her to take a seat in the middle of the shop.
Once she was seated, he had Anna expose her breasts so he could pierce her nipples.

Anna pulled her top down and sat there with her titties completely exposed to the other people working in the shop, as well as people just walking past the place.
Her nipples had retracted, so he touched Anna's breasts and then sucked on her nipples and until they poked out, fully erect.
Anna gave him the silver nipple rings and he put them in a clamp.
He then put her nipple in the clamp and Anna felt a prick. When he pulled it back Anna had a silver ring through her nipple. Then he did the same for the other one.
He stood back and admired his work. He also gave her some advice. "Never wear any nipple rings that will get caught on your clothing, other wise it could be very painful."
His eyes travelled lower and he asked her, "Was there anything else you needed pierced.
Anna smiled at him and said, "Maybe some other time?"
Anna lifted her top back up and covered her breasts. The cloth against the rings made the nipples sting a little.
She looked at myself in a mirror and Anna could easily see her nipples and the nipple rings poking up through the cloth covering them.
Anna then returned to school, hoping not to hear any more instructions any time soon.


Do you get any new instructions?

          A buzz at the lecture


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