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My New willing Sexslave, Kathleen | kindmaster | 13


I needn't have worried, though. As soon as Kathy was free, she sucked my cock, which was still dripping with Pamela's juices, with a passion that have never seen before. When she was done with me, she moved to Pamela and sucked her nipples for about twenty minutes. Then she dove down to eat out Pamela's come-filled snatch. Pamela writhed in ecstasy.
Eventually Kathy turned herself around so that the two girls were in a 69 position. They got each other off one more time before collapsing on the bed in complete exhaustion. After resting for a while, Pamela left, a big smile on her face. Kathy fell into a deep sleep.
The next day, Sunday, was a day for Kathy and I to wind down. By this point Kathy was quite comfortable being nude all the time, and we both agreed that her pussy would remain hairless from now on. We made love on the couch, but her twat was too sensitive from all the fucking and sucking earlier that weekend for us to engage in much acrobatics. We just lazed around that afternoon and ordered a pizza. I'm sure the delivery guy will never forget the customer who answered the door in a white oxford shirt with only one button fastened, especially since the breeze blew it open, exposing Kathy's naked body.


What next for Kathy and Pamela?


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