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My New willing Sexslave, Kathleen | kindmaster | 12


When I looked up, Pamela had been standing in the doorway watching us. Kathy was screaming so loudly that I guess Pamela felt the need to investigate. I got up, walked over to Pamela and asked her if she had enjoyed the show. She was so excited she could barely talk. My cock was still dripping, and I ordered Pamela to lick it clean. She dropped to her knees without hesitation and proceeded to lick my cock clean.
I stopped her before I came and told her she had another job to do. I pointed toward Kathy's spread legs. Taking Pamela's hand, I led her over to the bed.
By now my come was running out of Kathy's pussy. Pamela slowly lowered her head between Kathy's thighs and began tentatively licking Kathy's twat. Seizing the opportunity, I unbuttoned Pamela's blouse and played with her swaying tits. As Pamela's tongue was busy laving Kathy from her asshole to her belly button, moved behind Pamela, lifted up her skirt and slid my cock into her wet snatch. I fucked her from behind until we both came.
Suddenly, a little concerned over what Kathy might think about me fucking her friend, I immediately removed her blindfold and untied her.


What does Kathy think?

          Kathy is afire with passion


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