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My New willing Sexslave, Kathleen | kindmaster | 11


Pamela was still sitting on the stool, but her panties were lying on the counter. She said she didn't want to break any house rules and pulled up her skirt to show me her bare pussy. She had obviously been masturbating, because her pubic hair was wet and her pussy lips were gaping open. I put my hand between her legs, slid a finger up her slippery cunt and finger-fucked her to an orgasm.
I was almost out of control by that point, so I returned to the bedroom to check on Kathy. She was so worked up that a trail of love juice was running down into the crack of her ass. My tongue worshipped her wonderful snatch for quite a while before I moved up to her tits. I sucked on her erect nipples while I slowly slid my cock between the lips of her waiting cunt. This sent her over the edge into one long, continuous orgasm.


Do you fuck Kathy, Pamela or both?

          Both women


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