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My New willing Sexslave, Kathleen | kindmaster | 8


I told her wanted to taste her come for dessert. She lay on her back on the table, put her feet on the arms of my chair and held open her pussy lips for me. I teased her labia and protruding clit with my tongue as she pushed her snatch closer and closer to my face. I finally thrust my tongue into her as deep as could, fucking her with it, pulling out only to lick her clit. Suddenly my tongue was awash in her come. She trembled so hard the table shook. I licked her clean and thanked her for the delicious dessert.
We spent the rest of the evening just lying around watching TV. Around ten o'clock the phone rang. It was Kathy's friend Pamela, who recently divorced. Pamela was feeling lonely and wanted to talk with Kathy. Kathy was in the shower at the time, so I chatted with Pamela and ended up inviting her over for a drink. She readily accepted. When I told Kathy the news, she begged to be allowed to wear my shirt again.


Kathy naked, clothed or wearing a dog collar?

          Let her wear my short again


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