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My New willing Sexslave, Kathleen | kindmaster | 7


She finally acquiesced.
She was blushing when she came into the living room. She had the two middle buttons fastened, but it was obvious she was naked under the shirt. She sat down quickly, doing her best to remain covered up but not being completely successful. Keith couldn't keep his eyes off her. I asked Kathy to get us all another beer. When she got up, one of her tits popped out of the shirt and her pussy was in plain view. Keith left a little later with a huge bulge in his pants. After Keith left, I made Kathy remove the shirt. I told her I had even considered letting him fuck her. Just the thought of it sent a trickle of pussy juice down Kathy's thigh.
Still nude, Kathy made dinner that night. She served me and even fed me my dinner, as a true love slave should. When we were finished, she brought me an after-dinner drink.


What is for dessert?

          Eat Kathy's sweet pussy for Dessert


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