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My New willing Sexslave, Kathleen | kindmaster | 5


Getting out of bed, I collected the equipment necessary to fulfil another long-time fantasy of mine.
I returned to bed and spread her legs wide. Kathy stirred, but never fully woke up. I positioned a towel under her pussy and began trimming her bush with a pair of scissors. I left a tuft of hair above her pussy but proceeded to cut off the rest of the hair as close as I could. Then I held a warm, wet washcloth between her legs. Fortunately Kathy's a very deep sleeper. She moaned a little, but still stayed asleep. After removing the washcloth, I covered her crotch with shaving cream. I proceeded to shave off all the hair between her legs with a razor, leaving just the tuft of hair on top. While massaging some baby oil into her crotch, I couldn't resist sliding my fingers into her hairless cunt. I finger-fucked her to orgasm, and she abruptly woke up as her body quaked in ecstasy. She was more than a little surprised when she viewed my handiwork!
I had a few errands to run that morning, so I told Kathy I'd be back soon. Before I left, I worked her pussy over with my tongue, bringing her to the brink of orgasm, but not sending her over the edge. I then left, reminding her to remain nude.


What is she doing when I return?

          I find my shaved slave fingering herself


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