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My New willing Sexslave, Kathleen | kindmaster | 4


I informed her that her punishment was to take place the following weekend.
Kathy arrived at my house on Friday night dressed in my favourite miniskirt and a pair of silk stockings. As usual, she had planned to spend the weekend, so she had an overnight bag with her. As she came through the door, she handed me her panties, which were still warm with her body heat. I stopped her right there and sternly reminded her that she had a punishment coming. I told her that, for starters, she could strip completely naked because she was going to spend the entire weekend in the nude.
She protested a little as she took all her clothes off. I picked them all up, along with her overnight bag, and locked them in the foyer closet. Without even leaving the front entryway, she dropped to her knees, pulled out my cock and proceeded to give me one of her fantastic blowjobs. It wasn't long before we were in bed, fucking like a well-oiled machine.
When we finished screwing, she tried to casually put on my bathrobe. I snatched it away from her and reminded her of her punishment. I told her she was mine to do with as I pleased for the entire weekend.
We ate dinner, then watched a video. All the while Kathy was in the buff. We were both turned on all evening. I played with her nipples to keep them hard and, from time to time, dipped my finger in her pussy to keep it wet. She responded like a bitch in heat. I had her suck me off again before we went to bed. Once in bed, I slid my cock into her pussy for another fuck.
I awoke on Saturday morning and saw that Kathy was still fast asleep. I reached over and slid my hand between her legs, slightly spreading her thighs. Her pubic hair was matted with come from the night before. I suddenly had a great idea.


What is the great idea?

          Shave my sex slave


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