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My New willing Sexslave, Kathleen | kindmaster | 2


I wanted to see how far this could go, so one day told her there were some new rules in our relationship that I expected her to follow.
First, she was not to wear pantyhose, even to work. She was to wear either thigh-high stockings or stockings and a garter belt. Also, she could only wear sexy panties, or she could opt to go pantieless. I told her this rule applied even if we were not going to see one another that day. Furthermore, anytime she entered my house, she was to remove her panties before entering and present them to me immediately. Lastly, she was to always comply with my sexual demands.
Kathy was so turned on by my new rules that she readily agreed to every one. I warned her that there would be consequences if she broke a rule. She replied that she understood completely. Thus my sex slave was born.
Everything was going along great. The rules raised the sexual excitement between us to a new level. Kathy became a sexual animal, fucking my brains out on a daily basis.
I almost had a tough time keeping up. She really enjoyed this domination game. And I was having the time of my life.


Does Kathy obey the rules

          I catch Kathy disobeying


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