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I Dream of Jeannie | CarterRyan | 4


A short time later, the flying machine lands on a huge, flat ship. On the flat ship are a bunch of other vehicles, some are identical to the flying machine you arrived on and others are different. The humongous vessel is also home to hundreds of people, most of whom are scurrying rapidly in different directions like ants.

When Tony climbs out of the flying machine, he forgets his bag(and you). Fortunately, one of the pilots calls after Tony and hands him the bag. Tony takes it and walks up to a slightly older red haired man.

"Hello, Dr. Bellows", Tony greets the man.

"Captain Nelson. How are you feeling?"

"Oh, I'm fine. A little tired, but otherwise I'm alright."

"Well, I recommend that you lie down and get some rest. After your debriefing, that is. General Peterson wants to see you right away."

"The General is here, sir?"

"Yes. Now you better get going. You shouldn't keep Gen. Peterson waiting."

"Yes, sir."

Tony salutes the red haired man. Then he turns around and begins to walk quickly in the opposite direction.


What happens in Tony's debriefing?


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