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Aaralon's Discoveries | whizzper | 8


Blood of the gods, but he wanted her! He wanted her so badly. He was torn between taking her, right then, right there whether she wanted it or not and... not. Pursuing a more... gentlemanly way of doing things. In a moment he made his choice and struck.

He shot a hand out and pulled her to him. With a fearful squeak the former imp cowered in front of him, "Please Master, do not hurt me. I...I am your..."


Saralith looked up at him, a different expression on her confused face, "What? Love?" She asked tumultuously.

"I do, Saralith." Aaralon said with a gentle smile. "I have made you my height so that we may make love, and we shall do that presently." He stated, caressing her cheek with one hand as the other still held the trembling former Imp.

Aaralon bent his head down and kissed the full lips of his slave lover. At first Saralith didn't know what to do, but then she gave in and kissed her master back.

"We are going back to my room now, you should still be able to make yourself invisible, my dear. So do it and follow me."


And problems on the way to your room?


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