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Girlfriend and Her Friends | Bran_Hopewell | 3


Claire ducks as fast as she can, her skin flushed a shade of red almost as bright as her long flaming mane. Her head lands in 's lap and her flailing hair catches in the seat belt actually working really well to cover up your girlfriend's tits.

You realize with the two girls in the back seat that you don't have anywhere to go; you're too tall to hunch down on the floor, and the other two hot bodies next to you prevent you from moving. 'What the's not that uncommon to see a half-naked guy in a car...' you think. Melissa and Amanda are not afforded that luxury. With a squeak, Melissa balls up on the floor, her skin blushing so bright it's almost glowing. Her big tits crushed under her arms and there's no way anyone could see her unless someone looked right in the car.

Amanda bends in half at the waist with an incubus grin. She gathers the discarded clothing from the floor boards and covers herself while she inhales your rod. Her slurping sucks fill the car, quickly joined by the blonde's moans.

"Amanda, my cunt was just there!" Melissa squeaks in embarrasment.

"MMMmmmm Hmmmm.....MMMMmmmmm," Amanda moans as her tongue laps at her friend's juices coating your cock.

"Ewwww...." Melissa groans. "I can't believe..."

"Oh shut up," says, cutting her off. "We've all see you checking out her ass."

"And her tits," Claire adds.

"And now she's sucking your pussy juice off 's dick. Don't tell us you haven't thought about having Amanda lick your little cunny until you scream," Claire says. bursts into giggles at this point and starts slapping Claire's ass.

"Oh shit! It tickles! Get your fingers out of there!" she says, her last sentence punctuated by the smacks of her friend's flesh. Her head starts whipping around and her hair follows suit, drawing the attention of someone in the cross walk. is laughing too hard to notice, Claire can't see, Amanda's trying to suck the cum out of your balls, and Melissa is trying to make herself smaller. You give the college guy a thumbs up and he nods with a shit-eating grin before walking on.

"Light's green, honey," Claire says matter-of factly as her lips brush against 's thigh.

"Fuck that was hot!" pants as she catches her breath. She puts the car in gear and rapidly drives off the main drag.

"Get off the floor, you pussy," Amanda says with a wink to Melissa.

"I still can't believe you just licked my cum off 's cock," she says as she sits back in her seat.

Your dick stands proud, still managing to not cum, but aching to blast off. It wags in front of the girls in the cool air conditioned car and Amanda licks her lips looking at it.

"So it's a group Truth or Dare thing then," says to break the silence before it turns awkward.

"Hell yeah!" Claire and Amanda say together.

"Oh hell," Melissa says at the same time as the other girls.

"Fuck yes," you respond, putting your arms around the two naked girls beside you. Your fingers drape over their shoulders and start fondling the nipples they find there. Both girls almost purr and move against you, giving you better access to play with their tits in the back seat.

"Well, I made the last one so I'll pick who goes next. And everyone has to do whatever is said. They get to pick truth or dare, too," says. "Claire, you go next."


Does Claire pick a truth or dare for the group?


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